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Opening Ceremony’s Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

19.12.2014 | Blog , Fashion | BY:

New Year, new you; the old adage that you will commence your healthy, happy new life once the hangover recedes on New Year’s Day is something that we all secretly hope for. This time, however, Opening Ceremony will be helping you get your 5-a-day in the form of its Pre-fall 2015 collection, inspired by everyday fruit and vegetables. Symbolising refreshment and regeneration, the collection will be made up of a supermarket spectrum of colours and textures.  Think shades of beet, kale, blueberry and grapefruit, with fabrics reinterpreting the texture of banana peel or Swiss chard.

Standout items include the Cabbage Outline Multi Twist Dress in green apple, with its pattern echoing silhouette of an apple cut in half. The embossed organza Laser Cut Fruit Shell Top and the Fruit Jacquard dress feature striking cutouts of a tossed fruit salad, while staples like a shirt dress, a boxy coat, and a straight leg pant are reinvented in digitally-printed banana skin. The theme is carried into footwear and accessories, featuring black cabbage stamped suede and ‘fruit sticker’ patches.

A fresh, fun new take on spring fashion, Opening Ceremony’s latest collection is sure to tantalise – whether you keep up the healthy diet or not.



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Rihanna appointed Creative Director of Puma

18.12.2014 | Fashion | BY:

Rihanna and sports brand Puma will be kicking off a new partnership from January 2015, with the singer becoming both the Creative Director and the Global Ambassador of the Women’s Training category. Her aim is to strengthen women in training sessions and beyond, and inspire a Rihanna-like confidence in their bodies and themselves. Her creative input will directly influence collections as early as next year, adding both new styles and adapting Puma classics.

Rihanna will also play a starring role in PUMA’s brand campaign, Forever Faster and be featured along with many of PUMA’s world-class athletes such as Usain Bolt and Sergio Aguero.

Adam Petrick, Global Brand & Marketing Director for PUMA said, “We can’t wait to empower women worldwide with Rihanna – she demonstrates a body confidence and determination that is the exact representation of the PUMA Woman.”


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ThePitch Tim (1)

The Pitch

17.12.2014 | Film | BY:

Last year, 6500 people slept rough in London. This short film features Tim Wright, who has been living homeless in Highbury for the past 10 years. Behind the camera is Hilow Films, a small production company which consists of Emily McDonald, 27, and her directing partner, Nev Brook, 35 ½. Twin catches up with Emily to learn more about the company and their reasons for doing this film.

Tell me about your background and how Hilow films came about.
I left school when I was 16 and moved to London a couple of months later with one GCSE. I worked in various restaurants until I was introduced to an amazing man by my aunty, who told me he thought I might be good working in media. I got a job as a runner in a production company and spent the next year or so working insanely hard, until I got a job as a PA to the editors at an ad agency called Wieden + Kennedy. They asked me there if I wanted to learn to produce or edit and I said I’d love to learn how to edit, so they trained me up. This was where I met my directing partner Nev. He was a lot better behaved at school than I was, and even managed to make it through uni with a degree in film studies. After leaving W+K, we worked on a few projects together, but this year decided to step it up and formed Hilow Films. We are essentially a tiny production company and direct, film and edit for various clients.

Why ‘Hilow’?
It’s called Hilow because Nev is really tall – 6’7 – and I’m pretty small at 5’3, so he is the hi and I am the low.. We look really weird next to each other!

The Pitch is an incredibly touching film – where did the concept come from?
I had wanted to shoot a film about being homeless for a long time. I used to live very close to Highbury corner and walked past Tim nearly every day. He’s very charismatic, always smiling and joking with everyone, and I therefore found him very approachable. We got chatting and I asked if he would mind us following him around for the day and luckily he loved the idea. Nev and I both felt he would make a compelling character in a documentary about being homeless, without being relentlessly depressing, which most documentaries on the subject generally are.

Do you know anything about what’s happened to Tim since the film? Do you think it has changed anything for him?
We go and see Tim on a weekly basis to see what he has been up to and how he is doing. He is still struggling with some substance abuse issues, but has managed to finally get a place in a hostel, which is great news especially as the weather is getting so much colder. We invited Tim to the screening and it was great to see him there. We hope this film is a tiny part of the very long process of Tim restarting his life and moving away from homelessness.

Did working on the film change your attitude towards the homeless?
It definitely did. It’s easy to become a little callous in London, everyone is constantly on the move and it’s very easy to overlook a lot of things on a daily basis.  Delving into his life, talking to Tim and realising that being homeless doesn’t rob you of normal emotions, desires and dreams felt revelatory to both of us, as shameful as that is to admit.

Are you hoping that the film will affect how society views the homeless?
We wanted to show that being homeless is not easy, but is also not devoid of moments of humanity and even humour. Tim uses comedy to help him sell on his pitch, but it also keeps him attached to society in a very profound way.

Could you tell me a little bit about the film-making process? Was it all done in just one day?
We always thought that ‘a day in the life’ type film would be the right way for us to go with it. As it was, a day’s filming that really helped with the way we structured it. It took us a couple of weeks to edit, there were so many amazing moments captured throughout the day that it became quite hard knowing what to keep and what not to. It was a real plus working together on it so that if one of us was being indecisive, the other one could be a little more ruthless! Other than that, Tim was incredibly open with us. The most important part in the whole project was definitely building a relationship with him. Without that fundamental part, he wouldn’t have communicated so well with us and been so relaxed on camera.

Was this sort of film similar to anything you had done before?
We had shot profile/mini-docs about people before, but this was the most ambitious one we’d done.

What projects are you working on at the moment, what should we be looking out for?
We’re about to direct a music video for Shura, which we are really looking forward to. Other than that we have a couple more documentary ideas we are beginning to work on, so hopefully early next year we will have some more films for you to watch.



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Balmain SS15 #4

Balmain SS15

16.12.2014 | Fashion | BY:

Balmain has revealed its Spring/Summer 2015 advertising campaign, photographed by Mario Sorrenti and art directed by Pascal Dangin. Creative Director Olivier Rousteing created an army for the Autumn/Winter 2014 season, and has carried this idea forward into the next, where we see models Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Isabeli Fontana, and Crista Cober in their Balmain uniforms. Dangin wanted to take the theme even further, injecting a sense of pop-relevance into the campaign by plotting the models in surreal interpretations of everyday environments. Inspired by the distorted realism of 1970s French cinema, the imagery transforms familiar settings like subway platforms and diner scenes into surreal tableaus of the Balmain world.

“Balmain is all about diversity,” states Rousteing. ”The incredible power that all those strong women bring in front of the camera, put into real life situations, helped me explore and create a new reality that represents the pop aspect of my generation. The Balmain reality, my reality. This is the new Balmain army and the game is on!”


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Natalia Vodianova, New York City, Vogue Italia, May, 2005

Steven Meisel: Role Play

15.12.2014 | Fashion | BY:

It’s not often that a fashion photographer wields enough influence to create an issue of Vogue featuring only black models; neither is it very common for just one person to photograph each and every cover of Vogue Italia for the past 20 years. But then, Steven Meisel’s extraordinary passion and talent set him up for an illustrious career from his early days as a fashion illustrator.

International auction house Phillips is launching a travelling selling exhibition of Meisel’s work. Role-play has already visited Paris, and will be arriving at 30 Berkeley Square in London from 16 December to 11 January next year, before heading to New York.

The show features 25 images that capture Meisel’s most notable contributions to fashion photography, including an image from the 1990s, when Meisel was instrumental in welcoming the grunge aesthetic into mainstream fashion. He has since concluded that the image is one of his favourite pictures, as, in his words, it ‘captured a real cultural moment of a music scene and a fashion scene fusing together to create a new look.’

Meisel has undoubtedly become one of the most significant fashion photographers working today and this exhibition is a brilliant opportunity to view his work as it is intended to be seen.

Steven Meisel: Role Play opens tomorrow, 16 December till 11 January 2015. Located at Phillips 30 Berkeley Square London. 


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Fashion Sunday’s Christmas Weekend

12.12.2014 | Fashion | BY:

Fashion Sunday are holding another one of their events, and this time they’re here to help with all your last minute Christmas shopping.

Representing the best of East London’s design scene, you’ll find and extensive list of brands: PAPER London, Leutton Postle, Alec Bizby, Pitchouguina, Kelly Love, Studio White Label, Florence Bridge, Age Of Reason, Silken Favours, Jessie Harris, Charlotte Valkeniers, Jenny Sweetnam, Benjamin Bertram, Hellespont, Monochrome, She’s Lost Control, Sarah & Sorrentino, Grace Gordon, The Blue Hour, Year One, Nylon Sky, Eleanor Linden, Henriette Lofstrom and Arlette Ess.

Food will be taken care of by food market favourites ‘What the Dickens’, tunes by Dalston party masters Cadillac and Tim Lawton of the Filthy Dukes (plus special guest DJs to be revealed) and the bar, will be serving up cocktails and drinks all day long.

Fashion Sunday is held at Oval Space 29-32 The Oval Bethnal Green London E2 9DT. Open 12-9pm on Saturday and 12-6pm on Sunday. 


Copyright Allison Jackson

VivaWomen!’s There’s a Good Girl Exhibition

11.12.2014 | Art , Blog | BY:

When you first saw the photo above, a candid-style shot of a Kim Kardashian lookalike being squeezed into a pair of Spanx by Kanye, your first thought probably wasn’t of who created it – and nor what it symbolises for women. In fact, the message behind it, and the other works appearing in the ‘There’s a Good Girl’ exhibition (at the Assembly rooms until 19 December), is that female creatives are now changing the rules on the way that women have appeared in advertisements for decades. The artist, by the way, is Alison Jackson, also known for her memorable campaign for Schweppes featuring a Camilla Parker Bowles lookalike sipping a G&T.

‘There’s a Good Girl’ is a VivaWomen! exhibition, curated by Saatchi & Saatchi,  and forms part of an initiative working to raise the profile of women in advertising. Sara Baumann, Talent Strategy Director of Leo Burnett Group and Chair of VivaWomen!, said “We are a creative business, working to engage women for the majority of our clients, yet women are under-represented in creative departments in our agencies.” The seed for the exhibition’s concept was planted after Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Director Jo Wallace attended an event organised by VivaWomen!

The exhibition features an extensive list of artists: Alison Carmichael, Alison Jackson, Arvida Bystrom, Cassandra Yap, Hattie Stewart, Jessica May Underwood, Jillian Lochner, Kathryn Ferguson, Malika Favre, Mary Nighy, Michela Picchi, Miss Cakehead, Nancy Fouts, Natasha Law, Pam Glew, Rhea Thierstein, Sara Pope, Soozy Lipsey, Toni Gallagher and Veronique Rolland. Many of these women started out as creative in the advertising industry and later carved out successful careers as artists. Jo Wallace drafted in Shelley Dobson and Lisa Robbins, as well as Suzie Quill, Camilla McLean, Layla Boyd and Lee Sharrock to form the TAGG team.

The unique and beautiful sculptures, photography, illustrations, drawings, and films are an exciting way to draw attention to this cause. Favourites include Sara Pope’s neon red lips, which she showed personally to His Holiness at the Vatican, and Pam Glew’s American flag featuring Anna Wintour’s face.

And to add to the exhibition’s appeal, a percentage of any artwork and exhibition merchandise sold will be donated to charity Plan UK, who work with the world’s poorest children so they can move themselves from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity. They help girls around the world who are threatened by poverty, gender inequality, violence, poor education, conflict and disasters.




V Jewelley

V Jewellery Now In Whistles

10.12.2014 | Fashion | BY:

Not only has Whistles cemented itself as a high street hero, your go-to store for a certain type of elegance, now, it’s proving to become your go-to boutique for young brands that share its vision. Moxham and Wool and the Gang being case in point. It’s newest design talent is another Twin favourite, V Jewellery.

You will currently find V in the Whistles’ St. Christopher’s Place and Dover Street stores, with further locations being added in the New Year. “I have always modelled the V woman on the Whistles customer so seeing the jewellery in their stores will be so surreal,” states Laura Vann, V Jewellery Creative Director. “I couldn’t think of a more perfect home for V.”


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09.12.2014 | Fashion | BY:

The latest womenswear recipients for NEWGEN autumn/winter 2015 have been announced. Ashley Williams and Ryan Lo will receive catwalk sponsorship next season, having both received presentation sponsorship last time round, as well as 1205 and Marques Almeida, who will be receiving catwalk sponsorship again. Claire Barrow, Danielle Romeril and Faustine Steinmetz will be receiving presentation sponsorship along with newcomer Molly Goddard. Two new names to the NEWGEN roster are Marta Jakubowski and Sadie Williams, who have been given exhibition sponsorship for the upcoming season.

“NEWGEN produces the stars of London Fashion Week – the phenomenal progress of Marques Almeida in six seasons of support is proof of that,” states Sarah Mower –  BFC Ambassador for Emerging Talent. “Following in their footsteps is a whole new slew of discoveries whose sparky originality and careful entrepreneurialism have won them the praise of the NEWGEN committee and Topshop’s invaluable sponsorship. We think the quality, colour and sheer desirability of the clothes audiences will be seeing from 1205, Ashley Williams, Claire Barrow, Danielle Romeril, Faustine Steinmetz and Ryan Lo will step up yet another rung this season. And now they’re joined by an influx of three brilliantly individualistic young women, Molly Goddard, Marta Jakubowski and Sadie Williams.”


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Larsson & Jennings London Store

Larsson & Jennings’ London Store

08.12.2014 | Fashion | BY:

Twin favourite Larsson & Jennings have just opened their first London store in Covent Garden.

Selling the complete Larsson & Jennings collection of Swiss-made watches and leather accessories, the store also gives customers a chance to design their own in the LJX Custom area. Here you’ll get to choose from a selection of Swedish and British Leathers and new hardware options to create a bespoke and personalised watch just for you. Perhaps the perfect Christmas gift.

While you peruse their collections, you can also enjoy a range of locally sourced coffee in store at the Larsson & Jennings Fika bar.

A spokesman from Larsson & Jennings said: “Modern and traditional elements are at the heart of our product and for us our first store in the UK had to reflect this. Seven Dials was the only area that lived up to our expectations; perfectly encapsulating a heritage feel in a prime central London location.”

The Larsson & Jennings store is now open at 53 Monmouth St, London. 




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