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SS15 Kenzo Campaign

Kenzo x Toiletpaper SS15 Video

27.01.2015 | Fashion , Film | BY:

For their SS15 campaign video, Creative Directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim once again called on the talents of Toilet Paper Magazine, a collective composed of artist Maurizio Cattelan, photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and art director, Micol Talso. Set in a graphic and modern cityscape, we find ourselves emerged in an optimistic utopia, where nothing is what it seems.

“For us, TOILETPAPER were an obvious choice for us to work with on this project,” stated Leon and Lim. “The strength and impact of their work is often in the most subtle visual tricks which become more powerful the longer you are exposed to them.”

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Inferno- Alexander McQueen

Inferno: Alexander McQueen

26.01.2015 | Fashion , Literature | BY:

Alexander McQueen’s autumn/winter 1996 show, titled Dante, took place at the run-down Christ Church in London’s East End. It was this presentation, and it’s collection, that would cement his place amongst fashion’s most innovative and exciting designers.

Now, nearly twenty years later, exclusive raw, unseen photographs from the runway and backstage, including the garments, the models and Lee himself, are released for the very first time in this sumptuous and revealing new book. Inferno: Alexander McQueen by Kent Baker and Melanie Rickey, takes a look at the shows use of digital print, crudely bleached denim, lace and chiffon embellishment, and the couture meets club-culture ideals, a mix of high-brow and low-end – all themes we are now accustomed to seeing in everyday fashion, proving just how important McQueen’s collection really was.

With contributions from Suzy Menkes, Katy England and Andrew Groves; as well as words from the models, stylists, designers and creatives that all participated in the making of the legendary event.

Inferno: Alexander McQueen is to be released in March 2015.

Image: Kent Baker and Laurence King Publishing

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TLC Kickstarter

TLC Are Back

23.01.2015 | Music | BY:

TLC ruled the 90s, and still hold the spot as highest-selling girl group of all time (in the US). Their hits Unpretty and No Scrubs still fill us with teenage nostalgia. When Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopes died in 2002, TLC fans around the world morned as if it was a personal tragedy.

Today, Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins and Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas are calling their fans back into action. The two of them have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their fifth and final album, offering a host of rewards in exchange; everything from a handwritten list of their top 15 favourite songs of all time to a movie date with one of them.

Chilli and T-Boz stated that “We are recording our last and final album and we want to do it with YOU, our FANS”.

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Björk’s Vulnicura

22.01.2015 | Music | BY:

2015 looks to be an exciting year for our favourite Icelandic oddball export, Björk. Today saw her release Vulnicura, her eighth studio album, on iTunes, while fans wait with bated breath for her hugely significant MoMA retrospective.

The rush-release comes almost two months ahead of its scheduled release date, as the singer becomes the latest artist to have music leaked online. The CD and vinyl are being held back for the original March launch.

Björk will be putting on a series of intimate shows at Carnegie Hall and City Center to celebrate the launch, finishing with a performance at the NY Governor’s Ball music festival in June.


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Dior At Dover Street Market

21.01.2015 | Fashion | BY:

Dior is the latest fashion house to curate a space at the infamous Dover Street Market.

Designed exclusively for the Mayfair boutique, the new area is located on the first floor, housing a careful edit of Dior ready-to-wear pieces designed by Raf Simons. The collections kick off with their Resort 2015 line and you’ll also find key accessories from the brand such as the new Diorama and Be Dior bags.

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Antonia Marsh

Girls Only

20.01.2015 | Art , Culture | BY:

Thanks to feminist art historians like Griselda Pollock, Rozsika Parker and Linda Nochlin (Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?), alongside visionary female art activists such as Guerrilla Girls, and high-profile visionaries like Marina Abramović, Yayoi Kusama and Tracey Emin – all of whom have defied statistics when it comes to the male/female success ratio in the art world – there are increasingly more and more signs of recognition for the value, influence and stature of female artists.

Doing their own bit to ensure that cultural landscape remains is Girls Only. Girl-power gang, women-only wolf-pack, riot grrl clique – however you describe them, the transatlantic collective is an experimental community uniting female artists, encouraging conversation, creativity and expression from a new wave feminist stance. Twin caught up with the group’s founder and curator Antonia Marsh, to find out more.

How did Girls Only evolve?
After I graduated from my Masters in curating, I felt that I needed to generate my own voice as a curator so I decided to work on a project of my own. I left San Francisco for NYC, rented the first studio I viewed and started kitting it out. The first resident started within that month.

So were you an artist yourself too?
I’ve only recently started making art myself but I studied art history and have been working in the art world assisting and curating for ten years now.

What was your vision for the project?
To create a safe space for female artists to talk about and share their work with one another, outside of the exclusivity of a largely patriarchal art world. This vision has developed organically over time – while it remains, what I want more for the artists now is for them to be able to show their work in an exhibition context as much as possible.

So whats the process – from bringing a community of women together, to promoting the art?
It mostly starts with a conversation or an idea for a smaller project and then snowballs. We  do a lot of things – from film screenings to talks and discussion groups, exhibitions, school trips and studio visits – there is a lot of space for artists to get involved.

Were you ever concerned that by calling the group Girls Only, it immediately alienates men and becomes a feminist conversation?
Of course, this was a major concern from the start of the project. However, with this in mind the choice of name was deliberate. There’s nothing wrong with a feminist conversation, in fact I believe it’s really important that they are engaged with it. Girls Only is not about excluding men, it’s about including artists and providing them with the time, space and money to make work, that might not otherwise have such an opportunity.

At the moment with the under-representation of women in the commercial art world, and in museums and gallery shows, they are the artists that need these opportunities the most.

Youre obviously aware of activists like Guerrilla Girls and the Bunny Collective – do you think were having a renaissance for female artists, particularly thanks to the internet?
We actually did a performance project in homage to the Guerrilla Girls in New York! There’s definitely a lot more conversations about it, and I’m doing whatever I can to push in that direction.

Yet there are still many challenges facing female artists. What do you think is the glaringly obvious one?
I think whether or not to identify as female in relation to their work and whether that should be part of their artwork. I think many female artists actually feel inhibited by this and don’t feel the need to relate the work they’re making to their gender. I would imagine that with the burgeoning conversation surrounding feminism in the cultural zeitgeist at the moment, it can be hard to escape constant questions as to where they position themselves, and their practice in relation to this.

And do you think there has been any shift in male attitudes towards women in art?
Not really. I hope they’re freaking out though.

Me too, particularly with so much emerging talent out there. So who are your personal trailblazers – the ones who really shaped freedom of expression for women in art?
Judy Chicago, Cindy Sherman, Carolee Schneeman, Jenny Saville, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas.

You recently collaborated with Anti-Agency in London – what was the purpose of pairing up a casting agency with the art world?
Lucy Greene and Pandora Lennard from Anti-Agency approached me after the first Girls Only exhibition in London. A lot of the girls they represent are extremely talented young female artists, and they wanted to give them a chance to show their work. After doing studio visits with them I was really impressed and they were fantastic to work with, I’m really proud of how the show turned out.

And whats next on your to-do list?
Well the residencies have officially started in London, so at the studio we will have two artists living and working, and at the end they will show their work at different spaces. Our website is also launching, and we are opening temporary studio and exhibition spaces in Paris, Copenhagen and Berlin so we can collaborate with local artists. Hopefully then we will put together a book of everything we’ve done so far.

And finally, how can women continue to ensure the art world keeps recognising their contribution and talent?
Honestly I think the answer to this is really just to keep on making art. It’s as simple and beautiful as that.

Image One: Girls Only Founder & Curator Antonia Marsh – pic credit Chad Moore | Image two: Artwork by artist Bella Howard from the Anti-Agency x Girls Only Exhibition – Pic Credit, Tas Gaitanos | Image three: Artwork by artist Arvida Bystrom from the Anti-Agency x Girls Only Exhibition – Pic Credit, Tas Gaitanos | Image four: Artwork by artist Nicole Fitch from the Anti-Agency x Girls Only Exhibition – Pic Credit, Tas Gaitanos

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Alexa Chung for AG The Pixie dress £295

AC for AG

19.01.2015 | Fashion | BY:

January 15 saw the launch of AC for AG – British it-girl Alexa Chung’s collaboration with the luxury denim brand. The 21-piece collection was feted by an event at the Selfridges flagship on Oxford Street. A pop-up in the Denim Studio saw guests shoot hoops with Chung, while an ‘AC for AG’ instaprint machine enabled fans to get their photographs taken with the style icon.  Chung curated an upbeat playlist for the event, where CÎROC Vodka and Haig Club cocktails were in full flow. Within the next two weeks, the collection of jeans, dungarees and skirts (pictured, £295) will be launched at Bergdorf Goodman in New York and Neiman Marcus in LA.

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Photo 2

Twin Meets Forfex

16.01.2015 | Fashion | BY:

Gio Forbice doesn’t think of himself as a designer. He customises things. More specifically, he customises shoes and the shoes he’s known for go by the label Forfex.

Forfex shoes are as refreshing as Gio’s perspective on the way in which he designs. He doesn’t subscribe to the usual designer mentality, which may explain why his work seems to go far beyond usual and deeply into innovative, refreshing, creative and completely, entirely unique. Twin caught up with the man behind the brand to find out more.

Can you tell me a little about your line and how it was born?
It was born around six years ago now, in Italy, but I had started to customise jeans, jackets and shoes before then. And then a friend from Saigon gave me the opportunity to produce shoes there so that started all this.

What is your background as a designer? Is it something you always wanted to go into?
I am not a designer. I think I started to customise things because I was bored and my parents have run a clothing store for a long time; I was born into it. I can remember well that when I was little, I normally slept in the basement on some Valentino, Armani, Kenzo, Versace, Gaultier or other fancy clothing. My dad wanted to kill me all the time but it was good for me to see all that.

Is there anything about footwear that makes it more appealing as a designer to you than other branches within the fashion industry?
I think shoes are more of an object. Today everything is the same, so it’s difficult to make something special to me. But yes, I think I prefer to see a girl just with a pair of big boots on.

What other designers do you admire?
I like Hedi Slimane or John Galliano. All the designers from the past are incredible. They built different imagery. I think Shayne [Oliver from HBA] is brilliant. Also Gosha Rubchinskiy.

And which artists of other mediums inspire you? Music, photography, etc.
I listen to movie soundtracks. But always I’ve liked different kinds of music from classical music or church music to Rammstein, Darkthrone, White Zombie or all the 90′s classics; Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana or some Italian 90s dance music. Everyone listens to the same shit… I like to associate music to images. I think it’s the best to watch Twin Peaks because the music is perfect or For a Fistful of Dollars and the other spaghetti western movies, with music by Enio Morricone. They are fantastic so I think that’s art too. Oh, and the music in the classic porno movies. It’s like the music you can listen to in a fancy hotel so it’s nasty to me when I hear that music in hotels. It makes me think of some hardcore scenes right there on the piano of the hotel reception.

Can you describe the Forfex aesthetic in one sentence?
It’s a bizarre story.

PhotographerAlejandra Sabillón
StylistRaquel Medina-Cleghorn
Hair: Shingo Shibata
Kento Utsubo
Model: Emerson Campbell @Ford Models

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The Row Pre-Fall SS15

15.01.2015 | Fashion | BY:

So little time, so much to love – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection is filled with lust-worthy items for your autumn wardrobe. The twins have created a statement collection using their trademark pared-back luxury. This year, zip closures, zigzag stitching such as is found on wetsuits, and fabrics backed with scuba material are all a subtle nod to 50s and 60s Californian surfing culture. Favourites include a high-necked navy dress over matching slim-cut trousers, paired with sandals; a cream tunic over a knee-length skirt; and a camel ensemble consisting of culottes, shirt and masculine-style coat. Cool, understated perfection.

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Paul Smith -23

A Suit To Travel In

14.01.2015 | Fashion | BY:

Monday saw Paul Smith present his latest creation, A Suit To Travel In during London Collections: Men. Made from high-twist 100% wool yarn, the AW15 travel suit is constructed with quick recovery crease-resistant cloth that also repels water. Put to the test, Olympic medal-winning athlete Max Whitlock and artists from the National Centre for Circus Arts performed gymnastic sequences to show us what this ensemble can really do. And what a performance it was, we witnessed splits, backflips and many unthinkable moves.

The suit itself has a contemporary fit (called The Soho), that looked just as good on the female gymnast as it did on the men. A limited preview selection of the new Paul Smith Travel Suit is available to purchase from Paul Smith No. 9 Albemarle Street as well as online now, and will be available worldwide from May 2015. Time to start shopping in the men’s department we think.

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