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Petra Collins: Babe

27.04.2015 | Art , Culture | BY:

Young Canadian photographer and Twin contributor Petra Collins is known for her girl power images that prove feminism and sexuality aren’t mutually exclusive. In a new book, Babe, Collins, as well as 30 artists who have been part of her online collective The Ardorous, explore the female identity through aesthetically varied bodies of work.

Collins’ friend and collaborator, Tavi Gevinson, well-known for her online magazine Rookie, introduces Babe with a foreword that explains just how pivotal Collins’ work has been, not just to Gevinson, but to young woman around the world.

This inspiring collection of work, from artists hailing from New York, London, Moscow, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Berlin and Toronto, reflects a distinctly female point of view for a new generation of creative, forward-thinking women.

Babe is released on May 1st. Pre-order here

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24.04.2015 | Music | BY:

He may appear to have all the Yeehaw sensibilities you would associate with someone hailing from Louisiana’s deep south (he’s not preachy but he’s definitely fond of a cowboy hat or two), yet Devan Dubois’ Southern cool reveals a shadowy dark decadence and cultish aesthetic, seductively drawing you into his world.

His soundscape explores influences of country and western music through a modern lens, seamlessly blending stomping rock elements with evocative lyrics and swirling moody instrumental beats. It’s a sound which defies genre and is constantly evolving, as can be heard in the track People Are People – premiered here exclusively for yall on Twin – a new teaser for what’s musically to come from DuBois, his first release since the 2014 debut album Le Fou.

We caught up with the singer to talk hats, love and riding mechanical bulls.

Describe your Instagram #currentmood?
Pineapples, street crawling, and lighting bolts.

Interesting mix! So talking of moods, youre part Philipino and part Indian which are vibrantly colourful cultures – so with that dual heritage, why is your signature aesthetic so dark?
Hmm. It is all seasonal I think. Some variety in colour and mood is coming with my new music and art. We shall see.

And obviously we have to talk about your hats. Youre quite the connoisseur – do you have them all bespoke made and how many do you own?
I have approximately 20 hats and most are custom made yes. Some people like nice watches – I like nice hats! Lately bracelets and head-wraps have also been a hobby.

I interviewed another singer who told me his hats were not about self-expression or identity, but because he had too many bad hair days! What do yours say about you?
I went about 2 years where I wore a hat almost every day. But in the last 4 months I wear a hat just 2 or 3 times per week. Not sure why. It’s just that time I guess. I have good hair I’ve been told so it’s not that – although a hat can give you some extra days to not wash your hair when you are busy, haha!

And hats are very common place in your native Louisiana – there is definitely a Southern gothic spirit about you, do you think theres something brooding in the atmosphere down in the deep South?
Oh yes it is there. Louisiana is a world of its own. So much history has happened there.

Former major trade port city, slavery, birth place of blues and jazz, natural disasters, oh and the food is unparalleled.

But youre now based in LA – was it quite a culture shock moving to the anything-goes culture and open attitudes of California, from growing up somewhere not quite so forward-thinking and traditionally associated with the bible-belt?
No not really. I had the internet and other media growing up and I really utilised that. As a teenager I was really fascinated by various cultures and time periods. I had a real hunger for it.

And talking of everything associated with Southern Americana – obviously Im going to ask if youve ever ridden a mechanical bull or gone to a rodeo?
Haha! Yes to both. The mechanical bull experience is really dependant upon the operator – I got banged up real nice by a mechanical bull down in New Orleans one Mardi Gras years ago. And I’ve been to plenty of rodeos, race tracks and circuses – they all feel similar to me.

So lets talk about the music – when did you start writing / recording and can you define your sound?
Playing guitar at 15. Started recording for fun around 16. And my soundscape is all about function, perspective, and the use of juxtaposition.

When I listen to your last album I hear elements of Lou Reed, Beck and Jack White – who are the artists or creative visionaries who have inspired you personally?
Yeah they are great. A few other artists include – Dylan, Petty, the Stones, Picasso, Beatles, Warhol, Kanye, Brando, Joni, MJ, KOL, the list goes on…

Romance and heartbreak seem to be running themes in your music, is everyone just crying over their achey breaky hearts (and Bourbons) in the Deep South?
Haha! I’m not sure. At first glance it is heartbreak but there is more there. I’m sure of that. But even romance in general is a multi-layered thing.

So whats the most romantic thing youve ever done for someone?
Hmm I would say.. last year I brought my ex-girlfriend to London, Paris, and Nice. It was a pretty romantic trip. Plus those cities lend themselves to that.

And all three cities are also associated with iconic literary luminaries (Virginia Woolf, Voltaire, Jean Cocteau). Youre very lyrically poetic – who are your favourite poets and authors?

TS Eliot, Truman Capote, Jack Kerouac. I also really enjoy autobiographies. I just re-read Keith Richards ‘Life’ – so good!

And in your life, is there an inspirational quote or motto you live by?
Lately it has been ‘Keep afloat, keep moving, focus on the next 2-3 steps’.

So whats coming up next for you project-wise?
I am working on a new set of songs. I have created a new sound with my current producer and collaborator Kennedy (Jack Kennedy).

I am also incorporating many forms of art into my music, because for me it is more than just the music. It is experiential, experimental, graphic, subtle, motivational, frustrated, architectural, visual and about commentary, questions, and proclamations – it is me becoming one with my breath, with my art. My life and those around me.

Were premiering an unreleased new teaser track from you, People Are People – it sounds very different to your previous stuff, tell us more?
This song is about you and this song is about me. ‘People Are People’ is a clue to the new music that I have been creating. It is reflective duration feel good subliminal protest.

My producer Kennedy and I have created a really special body of songs and I can’t wait to share them all in due time. Get ready for the great pineapple!

All Images © Sequoia Ziff
Stylist/Creative Director: Georgia Mitropoulos
‘People Are People’ cover artwork by Blanda


Pamflet 13

Pamflet 13: Absent in the Spring

23.04.2015 | Culture , Literature | BY:

Twin contributors and Pamflet founders, Phoebe Frangoul and Anna-Marie Fitzgerald, are about to launch the thirteenth issue of their post-everything, satirical girl culture zine. It’s been four years since a printed edition has been released, but their back with 40+ pages of pure London grrrl culture.

To celebrate Phoebe and Anna-Marie will be at The Trouble Club on Monday 27th April, where there will be free-flowing wine, music and zines for all.

Get tickets to the launch of Pamflet 13: Absent in the Spring here

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Chloe Sevigny Twin Magazine

Chloë Sevigny, Out Now

22.04.2015 | Culture , Fashion | BY:

Chloë Sevigny has been at the forefront of cool since the nineties; modelling for Sassy, appearing in a Sonic Youth music video and starring in the independent and controversial film Kids (1995). It was her eclectic and avant-garde fashion sense that caught the attention of many, and now it has been chronicled in a new book.

Published by Rizzoli and with a forward by Kim Gordon, the personal photography tome journeys through her style evolution. In addition to childhood images, film stills and imagery from magazine editorials, the volume also features pictures of Sevigny’s most prized memorabilia.

Chloë Sevigny is out now and available to buy here

Image: Chloë Sevigny by Kenneth Cappello for TWIN IV

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Byredo Selfridges Hair Perfume Pop Up Image 1

Byredo Launches Hair Perfume Collection at Selfridges

21.04.2015 | Beauty | BY:

Stockholm based fragrance brand BYREDO has launched a new collection of hair perfume exclusively at London’s Selfridges.

Utilising a unique silicone and polymer formula, the new products create a light, invisible veil that leave the hair nourished and luminous whilst scented with one of BYREDO’s signature scents Gypsy Water, Bal d’Afrique and Blanche. “People are more experimental today, applying fragrances in various forms.” states Ben Gorham, BYREDO’s Founder. “At BYREDO, our focus has been very much on the smells, we now want to focus on innovative ways to apply perfume.”

These long lasting scents will be showcased at the Selfridges Pop-Up until April 22nd. Although the collection will still be available at the department store after this date, we recommend taking a trip today or tomorrow to see the stunning display and test these new creations for yourself.


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Thapelo Paris Twin Magazine

Thapelo Paris

20.04.2015 | Fashion | BY:

Timeless, chic and minimal is the philosophy behind this luxury swimwear brand, Thapelo Paris. Established by Sydney born, Wil Ariyamethe, as the name suggests Thapelo Paris is both designed and produced in France, highlighting the brand as not only swimwear but also fashion pieces. Known for their pleated, draped and clean lines, Thapelo Paris plays on the contemporary, with a retro glamour. Twin caught up with the brand to find out more.

Tell us about Thapelo Paris…
I’ve always had the idea to start a business. A large part of my work experience was developing swim lines and I enjoyed it, so it felt instinctual to start a swim based fashion brand. Thapelo is a French company and was set up after my husband and I relocated to Paris. The first collection was a small capsule in 2011.

What is the secret to the perfect swimwear?
You wouldn’t guess how much work goes into finding the right balance between sex appeal and elegance. It’s all in the cut and details to flatter the different parts of a woman’s body. I love to accentuate the fold of a woman’s back and of course the right amount of cleavage. We design pieces that can appeal to a mix of women and not a cliched view of certain age groups. There are so many different components into making a great swimsuit, a high quality quick dry stretch fabric and to mix fashion details (accessories) for the different collections.

What makes Thapelo Paris different?
It’s a combination of elements that make us different. We work closely with our manufacturers and admire the French savoir-faire, so we are 100% made in France. As we’re in Paris it’s such a great base and inspiration for fashion. We aim to make swimwear that is considered to be fashion pieces.

Do you have an all time favourite piece?
Like the little black dress I love the MIMI, our version of a classic black one piece swimsuit. But I’m excited about our upcoming Resort and SS16 collections. I’ve been wearing our new collection tunics over pants as they translate well into city daywear.

Where is your favourite holiday destinations?
Thailand and Australia.

What are your top 5 suitcase essentials?
-Sandals, lots of sandals.

-Lightweight bags, I hate carrying a heavy bag or suitcase. I travel as light as possible.

-Jersey dresses that can go day and night.

-A natural face and body scrub so I get a nice tan, something that smells tropical too so I really feel like I’m on holidays!

-Paw paw ointment.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.27.58

Matt & Nat: vegan arm candy to love

17.04.2015 | Fashion | BY:

Material and nature: those are the focus behind vegan bag brand Matt & Nat. Their e-shop features a cornucopia of chicly-designed backpacks, satchels, totes, clutches and other assorted arm candy, all created from recycled goods.

From its inception, the company committed itself to not using leather or any animal-based materials in their designs. The result is a variety of sustainable fabrics: recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork, with linings created from old water bottles.

Yet these are not fusty, out-of-date, hippy designs. Witness sleek backpacks, perfect for the city-slicker: the Paxx (£138) in midnight blue or black, or the more feminine Peltola (£115) – perfect for summer in duck-egg-blue. The vintage collection is rife with retro, structured shapes. The curved Nemesis (£103) and the Phil mini-messenger (£95) are favourites.

Using such textiles requires constant innovation. The vegan leathers produced by the team in Quebec are coloured with vegetable dyes, giving them an authentic appearance, much like the real deal, and means the bags come in an incredible range of hues, both on-trend pastel and day-glo brights. And the material’s strength means you can continue loving your bag for years to come.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 21.12.37

Maison Kitsuné opens second US store

16.04.2015 | Fashion | BY:

Quirky fashion and music label Maison Kitsuné continues its infiltration of the US with the opening of its second US store in NYC.

The 700 -square-foot space will occupy 5 Rivington Street on the Lower East Side, which, founders Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki say is the “ideal neighborhood…[because] there’s an independent vibe and a natural convergence of music and fashion here that perfectly reflects the spirit of Maison Kitsuné.”

Offering a more feminine and intimate feel to offset the existing New York flagship, the store is launching several Rivington exclusives which include a grey cotton sweatshirt and t-shirt with the brands signature tricolour patch. They’re limited edition though, so you’d better get in there quick!

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Twin Picks Sunglasses Linda Farrow The Row 8

Twin Picks: Sunglasses

15.04.2015 | Fashion | BY:

It’s officially time to dust off those shades. Or, purchase some shiny new ones. When choosing the right frames, timelessness is key as trend-led styles will bore you over time. You may be partial to a tortoiseshell pair, but here at Twin we like to keep things a bit more classic.

Our top four sunglasses are synonymous with effortless style; their shapes will stand the test of time, but are much more than your standard wayfarer. Their design is durable, hard-wearing and feels luxurious when worn. It’s time to take your pick…

Prism Brasilia in Black, £255, & Ace & Tate Monty in Smoke, £89,


Retro Super Future Terrazzol, £182, & The Row 8 in Black and Silver, £275, 

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Florence + The Machine Release Ship To Wreck Video

14.04.2015 | Music | BY:

Florence Welch and her machine are back in a big way. While performing at Coachella over the weekend, the British musician revealed the video to her latest track Ship To Wreck to the festival crowd. And now it’s available for all to see.

“I was thinking about my own self destructive side,” states Welch. “And how you can make something only to tear it down, enjoy/destroy, create/devastate etc. When you’re in that whirlwind, you often end up breaking the thing you love the most.” In the video, shot in partnership with director Vincent Haycock and choreographed by Ryan Heffington, we find the enigmatic singer in her own home, causing quite the stir.

The track is taken off the upcoming album How Big How Blue How Beautiful, produced by Markus Dravs (Björk, Arcade Fire, Coldplay) and with contributions from Paul Epworth, Kid Harpoon and John Hill.

Preorder How Big How Blue How Beautiful here


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