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Northern Soul The Film

Northern Soul

20.10.2014 | Film | BY:

Elaine Constantine’s most ambitious project yet is a feature film, written and directed by herself. Having started as an assistant to Nick Knight, she went on to become highly respected in the industry, contributing to the documentary style fashion photography of the 1990′s and early 2000′s, seeing her images published in magazines such as The Face.

Constantine’s work always centred around regular individuals having fun and expressing themselves. Northern Soul is no different. A love letter to the 1970′s Northern England dance movement, when rare American soul music came sweeping into the nightclubs, it’s cast includes Steve Coogan and Lisa Stansfield, and is set to be a youth-culture modern classic.

Norther Soul is out in cinemas now and was released on DVD today.

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Freize London: ‘Live’

17.10.2014 | Art | BY:

This year, Freize London adds to its repertoire of platforms for performance-based installations with ‘Live’, fashionably supported by Alexander McQueen, the Associate Sponsor of the art fair for the second year running.

Visitors will be able to watch a restaging of Robert Breer’s self-propelled Floats, and experience the sensation that they themselves are moving whilst actually remaining motionless, or relax by ‘vacationing’ during an installation from Tamara Henderson. Another of the 6 selected galleries, Shanzhai Biennial, will reconceive Frieze as a lifestyle brand, with products available for purchase.

‘Live’ is a major new initiative that is designed to integrate an important part of Freize’s history into the modern fair – the continuing commitment to showcasing the most experimental and ambitious art to capture visitor’s imagination.

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Mr Brainwash at Sanderson_10

Frieze x Sanderson

17.10.2014 | Art | BY:

Frieze Festival is taking over Sanderson for four days of of exclusive exhibitions and live interactive artwork. Bringing together street pop art phenomenon Mr. Brainwash and London based talent Dannielle Hodson, there will be never before displayed sculptures and paintings in the hotel’s lobby, coming together for this exclusive exhibition.

Expect to find two horse sculptures by Mr. Brainwash, created from thousands of pieces of classic china along with the UK Can Flag sculpture which is made from 1,233 empty spray cans. As Artist in Residence, Dannielle Hodson has produced a live installation across Sanderson’s façade. Partnering with A Space For Art, she will be working on one of her signature doodles, live, giving us a chance to see her work grow and takeover the hotel’s windows for the duration of the festival.

Hodson also has a an art led clothing label named Maison Twenty who have designed a fine art T-shirt which champions the work of artists such as Andrew Salgado and VJ Von Art. They will be taking over the pop-up shop space to sell their garms as well as a custom-designed Sanderson x Frieze T-shirt.

Not only has Sanderson embraced Frieze artistically, but they have also designed a limited edition Frieze cocktail. Made from blackberry lemongrass and elderflower, this citrus vodka based cocktail will be available for the duration of the fair.

The Frieze Festival showcase at Sanderson will be displayed until 18th October.

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Amy Revier

Later Alone She Wore Poems for Clothes

16.10.2014 | Art , Fashion | BY:

East London boutique Hostem has invited artist Amy Revier to perform in store for a week. To perform, the Texas born artist has installed her traditional floor loom in a studio space set in the concept store where you will find her, morning to evening, weaving textiles that will be sewn into a garment. Revier has also woven a collection of pieces specifically for Hostem, installed in the space for the duration of the exhibition. This will be the first time a large body of her work will be shown together.

“Old ways are retained not out of a sense of nostalgia, but because they serve a function,” states Revier. “I am interested in building from scratch, showing evidence of the hand, and in the plain beauty of well-made things.”

Working single-handingly to weave 3-5 garments a month in her North London studio, Revier’s pieces are intricate and beautiful. And with the materials being sourced from Kyoto-based spinners, most of which are hand-dyed and in limited stock you are left with a highly covetable luxury item for life.

Later Alone She Wore Poems for Clothes is open from the 16th-20th October.


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hi you are beautiful how are you

16.10.2014 | Art , Fashion | BY:

hi you are are beautiful how are you is the product of a two year relationship between photographer Valerie Phillips and Swedish artist/model Arvida Byström.

The pair was initially introduced by a mutual friend who predicted the creative collaboration that followed; Phillips and Byström first met on Skype before eventually working on 3 zines together.

As a photographer, Phillips likes to observe her subjects in their natural environment, living the lives they lead. hi you are beautiful how are you does exactly that, with Byström as the focus. She becomes all the more intriguing because of her eccentric lifestyle and fashion choices.

The result of this quirky friendship is a narrative portrait of a young feminist, questioning modern ideas of beauty and demeanour.

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Danny Fox Paintings at the Cock n Bull Gallery

Danny Fox Paintings at the Cock n Bull Gallery

15.10.2014 | Art | BY:

Danny Fox is a poet, musician and model, but predominantly a painter. He was introduced to the Cock n Bull Gallery by artist Sue Webster, who met Fox in her local watering hole. A year later he convinced Webster to visit his North London studio to take a look at his work and she had this to say: “There was simply no more room to breathe and I felt a duty to exhume these unfamiliar masterpieces before the painter suffocated and died – another undiscovered artist suffocated by the toxicity of his own genius.”

Raised in Cornwall, Fox moved to London to carve out a career in the art world having no formal training (unless you count the still life painting his grandma made him do). It is his experiences that he chronicles on giant canvases. His time spent in pubs filled with strippers or even encounters with ladyboys in Bangkok, giving us a glimpse not into his life as such, more a look at his unique interpratations of those unconventional moments.

Danny Fox Paintings will open at the Cock n Bull Gallery, 32 Rivington Street London EC2A 3LX from 17th October – 8th November.

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Tailored by No.5

Tailored by No. 5

14.10.2014 | Beauty | BY:

Tailored by No. 5 is a recently launched, new salon in East London that offers a bespoke hair experience, completely tailored to you and your lifestyle. Twin sent Online Editor Mariella to visit the exclusive top-secret location to find out what the Tailored by No. 5 experience is all about.   

Walking into Tailored by No. 5 I was welcomed by the most adorable grey Shar Pei. Having my hair cut can evoke feelings of stress, however this little puppy had me at ease; the glass of prosecco that was waiting for me also helped. We sat down around a lone desk in a bright studio room filled with photography tomes and magazines for a very informal chat, talking everything but hair. Feeling extremely relaxed now, having uttered nothing of my last holiday – something I find myself preparing before my time in the chair – we turned our attention to my dishevelled mane. Talking previous cuts, washing techniques, styling products and personal taste, I was able to suggest ideas that I wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing up to a new stylist, like a short, edgy fringe for example. But walking me through the cutting process I knew I was in very capable hands.

The worst thing about leaving a salon is that sometimes you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. Worst still, you don’t feel like yourself. Leaving No. 5 I felt like an improved version of myself. My hair had even been styled the same way I would at home, so there was none of that rush-home-and-style-yourself business. The products, a paraben and sulphate-free brand called Unite left my hair soft, nourished and much shiner than it has been in previous months. I left feeling great, my hair looking new and improved, and with a head full of styling and cleansing tips and tricks tailored just for me.

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Timur Kim SS15 Look 013

Timur Kim SS15

13.10.2014 | Fashion | BY:

St Petersburg native Timur Kim continued to hone his signature patchwork technique for SS15, as seen at LFW last month. Updating denim with digital prints, the show saw models marching down the runway in pleats, tailoring and clean silhouettes.

With the precision of an architect, Kim focuses on the structural integrity of each garment. Each item is handmade in his Dalston studio, where he produces both his RTW collections and one-off bespoke pieces.

Having worked with fashion greats including, Alexander McQueen, the fusion of bold colour and striking shapes in his latest collection has a distinctly retromodern feel that is uniquely Kim’s own.

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image to go for Legacy film

Dove: Legacy

10.10.2014 | Beauty , Culture | BY:

Did you ever dress up in your mother’s pearls and lipstick when you were a kid? Watching your mum’s beauty ritual has probably profoundly affected your own make up routines and tricks. But this can work two ways – Dove’s latest research reveals that 34 per cent of mothers admit that their child mimics their negative beauty behaviour. So keeping this mind, Dove has created a new film to inspire women to pledge their positive beauty legacy, and asks them to share who in their life inspires them using #FeelBeautyFor. The film, Dove: Legacy, highlights how important it is to see your own beauty so you can instil these qualities in younger women around you.

This is the latest instalment in Dove’s Self Esteem Project, which has reached over 14 million young people with self-esteem building programmes.

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Twin Picks: Bag Designers

09.10.2014 | Fashion | BY:

One of the easiest ways to revamp your look for autumn/winter is to start with your accessories. We’ve previously paid attention to the hat of the season and celebrated the ankle boot, so we thought it’s time we looked to those leather goods we call bags. You can never go wrong when it comes to a black bag, so here we’ve rounded up four styles from four emerging bag designers we love.

Mansur Gavriel Leather Bucket Bag, £395, & Danielle Foster Kelly Tote, £390,

Reece Hudson Bowery Oversized Clutch, £520, & Alfie Douglas Alfie Two Backpack, £260,

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