Sophia Webster: “Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Shoes!”

01.10.2023 | Blog | BY:

British shoe and accessories designer, Sophia Webster has just released a coffee table book.

Famed for her iconic butterfly heels, Webster’s eponymous footwear label was dubbed the shoe world’s new rising star since its inception in 2012, counting fashion’s key retailers -Dover Street Market, Harvey Nichols and as stockists. 

In Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Shoes!, Sophia shares an intimate narrative that unveils the highs and lows of a remarkable decade spent shaping the landscape of shoe-making and fashion. 

The book is part memoir, part homage to the world of high heels and haute couture. Sophia Webster takes the reins, recounting her captivating story in her own words. 

Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Shoes! launches October 5th. You can find out more here.

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