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ME Ibiza Celebrates 10 Years of Style, Sustainability and Spirituality 

As the white Isle continues to be a summer destination for luxury and party crowds alike, this year marks the tenth anniversary of ME Ibiza, the iconic five-star design hotel nestled in the heart of the legendary Balearics on the shores at Santa Eulalia.

Over the last decade, ME Ibiza has become a must-visit destination for artists and connoisseurs that find themselves drawn to the magic and energy of Ibiza, seeking a conscious community for artists and creatives. Offering more than the expected luxury F&B offering, ME has earned its status by creating a space for a conscious community of artists and experience-seekers. From hosting intimate Tanit Gatherings with local artists, to sponsoring the island’s film festival to showcase up-and-coming creatives, ME Ibiza is committed to fostering reflection and dialogue and contributing to the creative spirit of the island.

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, the man behind ME by Meliá, has been attached to the spot since childhood, and watched the island’s legend grow along with the tree under which his dreams first took root. This magnificent coastal tree remains a landmark of the architecture, and a timepiece encapsulating generations of guest memories past, present and future.

To celebrate a successful decade in the sun, ME presents the programme Ancient Future, including the blessing of the ME tree by a local spiritual elder and a curated cultural programme showcasing local painters, photographers, and artisans, alongside holistic wellness experiences. ME Ibiza has been offering avant-garde design and high-end holistic wellbeing for the past decade, thereby maintaining its status as a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

Rates at ME Ibiza start from £570 per night on a B&B basis. Exclusively for 2024. To book and for further information, visit:

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Dover Street Market Paris, Westfall & Sorry Thanks I Love You

08.07.2024 | Art | BY:

The Dover Street Market x Westfall x Sorry Thanks I Love You collaboration.
Photography by Andrew Sheppard.

A unique installation by artist & designer Brett Westfall, longtime collaborator of Comme des Garçons & member of the Dover Street Market Paris umbrella, lands at Sorry Thanks I Love You (STILY) in Sydney this July over four weeks.

So-Cal born Westfall is a multi-disciplinary artist working across painting, sculpture, assemblage, installation, fashion, video, film, music and photography. His brand WESTFALL began with the idea of extending his ideas into clothing design that would read like poetry.

For this installation, canvas paintings and wooden pallets feature as walls, interlocking bicycles make up the roof and each hand-painted artwork incorporates Westfall’s signature motifs, hand-crafted and distressed style. “FRESH”, strawberries, and Westfall’s daughter’s version of “Snoppy” add a personal touch to the mix of eclectic found objects. STILY’s adjacent cafe is also in on it, serving a Westfall-inspired menu including custom-made treats from Tokyo Lamington and Gelato Messina in exclusive flavours.

Installation design by Brett Westfall in collaboration with Dover Street Market Paris and Sorry Thanks I Love You. Photography by Andrew Sheppard.

The launch coincides with Westfall’s inaugural art showcase in Australia and to complement Westfall’s FW24 collection and mark the project, STILY and Westfall have co-designed a custom t-shirt, available exclusively in- store at STILY.

Sorry Thanks I Love You has an ongoing partnership with Dover Street Market Paris Brand Development and in addition to Westfall, STILY also offers DSMP BD labels Sky High Farm, Honey Fucking Dijon, and the recently introduced New York-based, Vaquera at their Westfield Sydney store.

The Dover Street Market x Westfall x Sorry Thanks I Love You collaboration.
Photography by Andrew Sheppard.

The Dover Street Market x Westfall x Sorry Thanks I Love You collaboration will run at Sorry Thanks I Love You from 1 July – 28 July 2024.

K1006/188 Pitt Street, Level One Westfield, SYDNEY NSW 2000

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TWIN LOVES: Isle Skateboards

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Artists: Liam Gillick, Paul Purgas, Claudia Wieser, Appau Jnr Yiadom-Boakye

This week we’ve been excited for the launch of Isle Skateboard’s limited-edition line Tweaked Modernism. Curated by Twin’s art editor Francesca Gavin, the artist produced decks are accompanied by a printed publication by Birmingham design studio An Endless Supply.

The four specially created skateboards unpick the aesthetic and conceptual ideas of modernism, meta modernism, and off modernism.

Founded by Isle Skateboards is the skateboard label founded by artist Nick Jensen and Paul Shier. Past collaborations with artist have included boards from Kira Freije, Oliver Laric and Christian Hidaka.

As curator Francesca reflects, “there are fascinating connections between skating and modernism. Both have rethought what the human physical relationship is to form and space. Street skating approaches architecture in a way no one would have imagined. I was interested in bringing together four varied artists who all tweak modernist ideas or aesthetics in their work. I liked the urban slang take on tweaking as getting high – it felt apt for addressing how artists rework history.”

The Artists:

Liam Gillick studied at Goldsmiths and lives and works in New York. His work, ranging from small books to large-scale architectural collaborations, explores the aesthetics of the constructed world and dysfunction of modernism.

Paul Purgas is a London-based artist and musician working with sound, performance, and installation. Originally trained as an architect, he has presented projects with Tate, Spike Island, Glasgow Tramway and Kunstverein Gartenhaus. He is one half of Empyset, and has performed at Berghain, Serpentine Gallery, CTM and Atonal.

Claudia Wieser is an artist based in Berlin known for creating geometric installation, sculptures and wall works that unpick the legacy and aesthetics of modernism. She has had solo shows Hamburger Bahnhof, The Drawing Center and has collaborated on projects with Hermes and Musée Yves Saint Laurent.

Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom is a London-based multi-disciplinary artist working with found materials and objects, sculpture, photography, sound, performance, archive, and self-produced moving image. He has exhibited at National Portrait Gallery, Jerwood Space and Southwark Park Galleries.

Boards available from skate shops across the United Kingdom, United States, Holland and Japan.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

10.06.2024 | Blog | BY:

Scottish designer Charles Jeffrey has marked a significant milestone in his career, celebrating the tenth anniversary of his brand, Loverboy, by taking over Central London’s Somerset House. In a turbulent period for the UK fashion industry, Jeffrey’s infectiously joyful brand offers a beacon of innovation. 

Loverboy originated as a queer club night in east London, and has since evolved into a celebrated fashion label with a dedicated following.  Jeffrey has dressed notable figures like Tilda Swinton and Harry Styles.

Image by Thomas De Cruz Media

The SS25 showcase was a testament to Loverboy’s signature queer-meets-punk identity, presented with unapologetic flair. Models, as if struck by Cupid’s arrow, tumbled down the runway in a captivating display. The collection featured oversized jumpers, shirts with arrows shot through, reimagined army and sailor uniforms, paired with Loverboy’s distinctive animalistic headgear, with peeling banana boots adding a playful touch.

Image by Thomas De Cruz Media

Somerset House, which has housed his studio since 2016, was a fitting venue for this celebration. The event also inaugurated The Lore of Loverboy, a retrospective exhibition in the Terrace Gallery, chronicling the brand’s evolution from a queer club night at Vogue Fabrics in Dalston to a fashion powerhouse.

Image by Thomas De Cruz Media

As the music dimmed and models exited backstage, American icon Beth Ditto returned to deliver a rousing rendition of Patti Smith’s “Gloria.” The 41 looks then danced up and down the runway, honoring Charles Jeffrey Loverboy’s decade-long journey. The SS25 collection celebrated bright, queer identities, encouraging bold self-expression and cherishing life’s fleeting moments.

Image by Thomas De Cruz Media

Visitors can view The Lore of Loverboy exhibition from 8 June – 10 September 2024 at Somerset House. Tickets operate on a pay what you can scheme to ensure accessibility.

TWIN Picks: Julija Zaharijević

29.04.2024 | Art | BY:

Physical Cabbage, 2022
Materials: Print on silk, laser print on paper, acrylic, synthetic resin varnish
60 x 54 x 23 cm
Photo by Giulia Baresi

MiArt New Talent: Julija Zaharijević by Twin Art Editor Francesca Gavin

Julija Zaharijević exhibited wall sculptures with Eugster from Belgrade at Miart.. The gallery was in the emergent section of the Milanese fair  – in a great section in the fair which happens each April, curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini.

Detail of Physical Cabbage, 2022
Photo by Giulia Baresi

The Cabbage series depicts realistically recreated cabbages – complete with faked insect nibbles and decay. Each cabbage subtly varied in colour so it was clear they are the real veg on the wall. Pyschadelic, emotive and beautiful, the works play with the art historical tropes of beauty, decay and the sublime. They are stand ins for roses or flowers. Part of what makes her cabbages so engaging is how that question what is real, what is beauty, what is meaning.

Julija Zaharijević was born in 1991 in Serbia and lives and works between Vienna, where she studied, and Berlin. Still only a recent graduate, Zaharijević’s practise has incorporated performance, collage, text, that touches on the experience of class, gender and reality.

Highlights value systems that are innately built into the purchase and visual consumption of beauty and art in a wider sense. They are mirrors to our heads, emotions and performative selves.; miart occurs April annually


TWIN LOVES: Seana Gavin – a decade of free parties (eclipse theme)

08.04.2024 | Art , Culture | BY:

Portrait of Seana Gavin. Mother Free Festival, Lincoln 1994.
Spiral Baby (1994) © Copyright Seana Gavin

On this solar eclipse in Aries, we celebrate Seana Gavin’s archive that serendipidously includes the eclipse free festival, photographed by Gavin below.

A group of friends wear protective glasses at the eclipse free festival. Hungary 1999
Build up to the Solar Eclipse (1999) © Copyright Seana Gavin

Following on from her phenomenally successful book “Spiralled” published by Idea Books, the artist and former raver opens her new exhibition Hidden Tracks at Gallery 46. This exhibition continues her exploration of the legacy of sound systems that put on illegal raves in the UK and across Europe in the nineties, and acts as a document of the creativity, vitality and community of the underground party scene in which Gavin features heavily. From 1993-2003 she spent long periods of time travelling in friends’ mobile homes, in convoy with the sound systems, living in nomadic communities, attending raves and parties in France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Berlin, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

“It was more than just a night out. I wasn’t a photographer or journalist I was part of this world and these people were my family. We were un-materialistic and survived with minimal funds without limitations.” – Seana Gavin

Whilst the book is aesthetically and nostaligically pleaseing, it also serves as a reminder about the radical potential and rebellious energy of the free party movement, which emerged as a rebellion against the over commercialization of Acid House that had developed in the UK at the time.

Even today we are left with the legislation that became ‘The Criminal Justice Act’, catalysed by the police response to Castlemorton festival – a week long free unlicensed rave which took place in the British countryside and was shut down by the police. As an underage teenager the artist’s adventurous spirit led her to other like minded wanderers as news spread before mobiles and the internet, and 20- 50,000 people came together by word of mouth alone.

Behind the decks of Hekate Sound system. Czech Teknival (free festival), 1999
Legs (1999) © Copyright Seana Gavin

The exhibition which opens this week, includes Gavin’s personal documentation including flyers, ephemera, diary entries and a large body of photographs that capture the build-up and aftermath of the raves across Europe alongside the characters and friends who defined this scene, and demonstrates the ethos and spitit of community and freedom.

Exhibition runs  10 – 28 April 2024

Gallery46, 46 Ashfield St, London E1 2AJ

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Twin XXX

Twin Issue XXX

15.03.2024 | Blog , Twin Book | BY:


Now that we’re into the swing of 2024, the new issue of Twin lands just as the smell of spring and the thrill of summer start to come into sight. 

In this issue, we take a deep dive into the role of women in fashion and celebrate the names you know, as well as those you may not have heard of – yet! Tony Glenville’s fashion foray into history is rich and insightful. Meanwhile, we also spotlight three names to know among a new wave of Polish artists; Tishan Hsu talks organic technology; and the author Natasha Stagg – whose third book Artless came out at the end of last year – talks writing in the real world. 

Plus, a look at modern craft and a delve into the role of women in the ever-evolving world of ceramics, by Madeleine Ringer in conversation with six contemporary ceramicists. 

There is also fashion that invites new-season thinking. Be gone jumpers and coats, instead welcome dreamy vacation (or staycation) vibes for out-of-office looks; clothes to move in, go out in and party-with-your-pals in. Shed those layers and indulge in the styles you’ve been thinking about all winter long. Plus, day to night takes on a new, more plausible, meaning. Spring and summer is here. 


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REFIK ANADOL: Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive

01.03.2024 | Art | BY:

Refik Anadol, Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive, 2024. Installation view, Serpentine North. Photo: Hugo Glendinning. Courtesy Refik Anadol Studio and Serpentine.

Artist, technologist, and pioneer in artificial intelligence arts, Refik Anadol presents his new exhibition of eye-candy works at London’s Serpentine Gallery.

Refik Anadol, Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive, 2024. Installation view, Serpentine North. Photo: Hugo Glendinning. Courtesy Refik Anadol Studio and Serpentine.

Anadol’s collaborative generative process with AI plays here manifests to present “years-long experimentation with visual data of underwater landscapes and rainforests”. This large scale digital work features Artificial Realities: Coral (2023), which immerses viewers in an Al’s imagination of underwater landscapes. Made by training a unique AI model with approximately 135 million images of corals openly accessible online and generating abstracted coral images, “the AI then constructs new visuals and colour combinations based on the dataset.”

Refik Anadol, Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive, 2024. Installation view, Serpentine North. Photo: Hugo Glendinning. Courtesy Refik Anadol Studio and Serpentine.

This is also the UK premiere of Living Archive: Large Nature Model which was first introduced at the World Economic Forum 2024 in Davos, Switzerland. To make this, Anadol worked with the data of major institutions, including the Smithsonian Institution and London’s Natural History Museum to create the model, “centred around archival images of fauna, flora and fungi, will expand over the coming years.”

As far as spectacular exhibitions go, this is a sure fire crowd-pleaser.

Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive

16 February – 7 April 2024

Serpentine North

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Dilara Fındıkoğlu’s Femme Vortex

25.02.2024 | Blog | BY:

In her Autumn/Winter 2024 show, Dilara Fındıkoğlu unveiled 36 captivating looks, weaving a narrative of feminine allure and sensuality. Titled “Femme Vortex,” the collection was showcased within the unlit confines of St Luke’s Old Street Anglican church, a powerful setting for a collection aimed at dismantling patriarchal structures.

The runway spectacle featured a concoction of deconstructed tailored jackets, form-fitting corsets, and avant-garde accessories. Actress and style icon Hari Nef opened the show, dressed in a sheer white corset paired with a button-up shirt and blazer cinched together with a bold safety pin, accentuated by lace-up chokers and eye-catching belts.

Nodding to a lack of pockets in womenswear, the look, entitled “Female Territory” saw objects like a pen, lighter and watch stuffed in the bra cups.

Another look titled “Man License,” featured disheveled business attire juxtaposed with sheer corsets and latex opera gloves as the model carried a handbag cleverly crafted to resemble folded newspapers. On it read “OMG Dilara is doing a satanic orgy at a London Church.”

Each ensemble, meticulously curated by Dilara, exuded an aura of subversive elegance. In her show notes, the Turkish-British designer elaborated on her vision. “This is a manifesto for a world order born of an unrelenting vortex of femme energy; a way of being and feeling that transcends the parochial strictures of conventional masculinity.”

Amongst the stunning cast, notable personalities such as Richie Shazam and Lana Rhoades made appearances on the runway.

Dilara’s distinct aesthetic, characterised by its ethereal beauty tinged with an edgy and provocative undertone, evoked memories of fashion icon Alexander Lee McQueen’s groundbreaking work. Again, Dilara Fındıkoğlu has succeeded in crafting a collection that not only captivates with its aesthetic brilliance but also serves as a poignant reflection of societal norms and values, urging us to reconsider our perceptions of beauty and the feminine identity.

Twin Loves: ALL LIFE LONG by Kali Malone

17.02.2024 | Blog , Culture | BY:

© Stephen O’Malley

TWIN LOVES the harmonic resonances of “All Life Long”, the long anticipated album from Kali Malone following a tour that included her performing in iconic venues including Gedächtniskirche as a part of Berlin’s CTM festival last week. She toured historic pipe organs at Église Saint-François in Lausanne, Orgelpark in Amsterdam, and Malmö Konstmuseum in Sweden, with additional accompaniment from Stephen O’Malley. 

Kali Malone performs »Organ« at Gedächtniskirche, Berlin as part of CTM 2024
© 2024 Camille Blake

The album, featuring four different organs dating from the 15th to 17th centuries, represents experimental reinterpretations of pipe organ, choir and brass quintet polyphony in a temporal layering across sound, structure, and introspection. 

The album includes a brass quintet performed by Anima Brass at The Bunker Studio in New York City, and vocals by Macadam Ensemble recorded at Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-L’Immaculée-Conception in Nantes. It is the first release of organ compositions since her highly acclaimed album “The Sacrificial Code” came out in 2019.

Kali Malone performs »Organ« at Gedächtniskirche, Berlin as part of CTM 2024
© 2024 Camille Blake

Throughout the album, the artist presents a rich tapestry of recurring harmonic motifs and evolving patterns, crafting an intimate sonic landscape across its twelve pieces. Her music builds from “evolving harmonic cycles” that evoke profound emotional depths. Her music invites listeners to relinquish expectations of time, opening doors to spaces of reflection and contemplation. 

The main piece “All Life Long” is featured twice on the album: initially as an extended canon for organ and later combined with the poem “The Crying Water” by Arthur Symons. The poem is imbued with themes of mourning and eternity, expanding on the album’s sense of spiritual transcendence.

A timeless journey that invites listeners to discover themselves within its intricate musical tapestry. “All Life Long” is out now. 

Digital Download from Ideologic

Record vinyl and CDs available from Bandcamp

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30.01.2024 | Blog , Fashion | BY:



Artist Isabella Ducrot’s installation, Big Aura, adorned the walls of the room hosting the presentation of the Dior haute couture collections in the Rodin Museum gardens. For the set design of this Dior haute couture spring-summer 2024 show, twenty-three oversized dresses up to five metres high created a composition reminiscent of weft and warp. Designed to echo the dresses of Ottoman sultans studied by Isabella Ducrot, here she hones in on an abstract symbolization of the garment and revisits details of dresses from the Dior archives to recreate contemporary looks.

PARIS, FRANCE – JANUARY 22: Rihanna attends the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 22, 2024 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Christian Dior)

The Dior concept is woven together across artforms that encompass Ducrot’s detailed vision for the environment, and even a poem:

Rag or brocade
every women textile thus results
from this enforced embrace, a grand design that only human minds are meant to grasp and execute; and thus a marriage that could not in nature ever find its place.
Take the spider, poor thing. It dupes.
The spider doesn’t weave; the spider glues.

  • extract from TO WEAVE IS HUMAN for Isabella Ducrot by Patrizia Cavalli – 2008.

A stalwart in the world of textile research and art, Ducrot is also a collector with her own extensive archive of rare textiles amassed over her long and distinguised career. Born in Naples in 1931, she travelled extensively and as such brings her unique eye on fabric to this runway. In 2002 at a lecture in Naples, she described, “my creative work goes hand in hand with the search for new fabric uses. Its aesthetic qualities continue to inspire me, as does its historical importance within human civilization. I have dedicated my work to textiles. ”

Dior note on the design, “the use of this particular, intentionally irregular and imperfect square pattern, obtained using the ancient artisanal technique of block printing, bears the artist’s signature of sorts. She often uses this type of geometric pattern not only for aesthetic purposes, for the simple pleasure of getting lost in the weave of vertical and horizontal lines, but also with the political intention of honoring the checkered fabric, considered lowly in the history of Western fashion, mainly used and worn as it was by workers, such as farmers, pruners and masons, doing manual labor outdoors.”

The elevated silouettes and crafted detail of the materials both on the runway and embedded in Ducrot’s design did not disappoint.

Reebok x Aries

30.01.2024 | Blog | BY:

Reebok and London-based fashion label Aries have cast their creative forces together, unveiling their first footwear collaboration. 

 Since its founding in 2010, Aries has been renowned for its bold, genderless design philosophy and nostalgic nods to ’80s and ’90s culture. This January, the homegrown streetwear brand seamlessly joins forces with Reebok, a hallmark in global sportswear. The collaboration pays homage to the timelessness of the Classic Leather, a quintessential symbol of British style.

Drawing inspiration from mystics, wizards, and magicians, the Aries x Reebok Classic Leather features the Mystic’s Shoe tinted with Aries’ signature aqua and adorned with gold. Premium leather, nubuck accents, reflective features, and Aries’ gold foil wizard graphic are just a few of the design elements that make this collaboration truly mystical.

Packaged in an exclusive custom shoe box with additional gold detailing, the Aries x Reebok Classic Leather invites wearers to embrace the mystique and craftsmanship of this iconic collaboration.

Aries Creative Director and Founder Sofia Prantera expressed her excitement, stating, “Reebok’s Classic Leather is such an important symbol of British style, so it was very flattering to be asked to interpret it.” The challenge, as she sees it, is to infuse an Aries twist without compromising the shoe’s inherent simplicity.

The Aries x Reebok Classic Leather is available January 19 exclusively from

Aries ( and the Aries flagship store followed by a wider global release on January 24 from and select specialty retailers.

Chase Tha Worst: London’s Artist on the Rise

04.12.2023 | Blog | BY:

East London-based rapper Chase Tha Worst has been catching the internet’s ear with a stolid and infectious flow. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, he’s carved his own distinct aesthetic and sound; an intoxicating blend of hip hop and funk, challenging conventions and offering a fresh perspective. That same spark is on display on No Friendz, his new single and video out now.

Last week, the rapper and producer released his debut album Tha Worst Mixtape. Tongue-in-cheek lyricism and effortless delivery can be heard drifting across his 10 self-produced songs, crossing into different genres. In No Friendz, Chase channels an energetic and laid back flow, coupled with striking visuals shot in London. 

“I think in current times, music alone is not enough. I wanted to use all the creative fields I love- music, creative direction and comedy to bring the project to life and create a world around it,” says Chase.

Speaking further on his debut, “I hope that it inspires others to do the same. I hope to bring some originality and craft to not just the music but all that surrounds it – the promos, the videos, the visual identity. I think that a lot of people are caught up with trends and numbers. How do I get famous? How do I make my next song blow up? A lot of people are trying to use a formula but it’s killing the art form. I hope to inspire other artists to stop trying to feed algorithms, stop jumping on trends, and make what they really want to make.”

You can watch the official No Friendz video here, out now.

Toga Archives x Dickies

26.11.2023 | Blog | BY:

Designer Yasuko Furuta’s Tokyo-based luxury label, TOGA, is set to launch a collaborative collection with the American workwear brand Dickies. The lineup showcases timeless silhouettes infused with a Japanese Americana flair, drawing inspiration from TOGA ARCHIVES.

The collection is available from October 27. Click here for more details

Hypha Studios and Creative Land Trust Unveil MELT

08.10.2023 | Blog | BY:

Hypha Studios (HS) and Creative Land Trust (CLT) have come together to unveil MELT as part of Frieze 2023. The exhibition shines a light on 32 artists and creatives who have flourished through the support of these visionary organisations

The brainchild of Camilla Cole and Will Jennings, Hypha Studios emerged as an idea during the pandemic, prompted by the three-sided problem of increasing high street vacancies, loss of community spaces and deteriorating conditions for artists and creatives.

Set against the backdrop of London’s effervescent creative landscape, MELT stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant artistic spirit. The exhibition’s centerpiece features CLT’s remarkable studio holders from the Wallis Road site, including luminaries like Shiori Akiba, Enej Gala, and Zarina Khan. Notably, CLT’s esteemed ambassadors – Adelaide Damoah, Haroon Mirza, and Emmanuel Unaji – also take center stage, championing the cause of creating fertile ground for artists to thrive. Augmenting this eclectic gathering are Hypha Studios’ very own talents, comprising Margaret Ayres, Luca Bosani, and Kialy Tihngang.

The exhibition’s title, MELT, pays homage to the legendary FREEZE exhibition curated by Damien Hirst in 1988—a pivotal moment that reverberates through the current era of creative evolution.

Creative Land Trust’s mission revolves around the acquisition, preservation, and protection of long-term affordable workspaces for artists, while Hypha Studios facilitates free short-term studio and exhibition spaces for artists, in exchange for a public program that enriches local communities.

MELT marks a significant milestone as the inaugural exhibition at Hypha Studios’ brand-new central London location, Regent’s Place, as part of a transformative three-year partnership with British Land.

MELT will be open to public Monday 9th – 22nd October 2023, 12 – 6pm daily at Unit 3, Euston Tower, 286 Euston Road, London NW1 3DP

Sophia Webster: “Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Shoes!”

01.10.2023 | Blog | BY:

British shoe and accessories designer, Sophia Webster has just released a coffee table book.

Famed for her iconic butterfly heels, Webster’s eponymous footwear label was dubbed the shoe world’s new rising star since its inception in 2012, counting fashion’s key retailers -Dover Street Market, Harvey Nichols and as stockists. 

In Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Shoes!, Sophia shares an intimate narrative that unveils the highs and lows of a remarkable decade spent shaping the landscape of shoe-making and fashion. 

The book is part memoir, part homage to the world of high heels and haute couture. Sophia Webster takes the reins, recounting her captivating story in her own words. 

Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Shoes! launches October 5th. You can find out more here.

Twin Issue XXIX

29.09.2023 | Blog , Twin Book | BY:


Summer might well be over but fear not – there’s a lot to look forward to, and reminisce about, in the new issue of Twin. Vagabon, aka Laetitia Tamko, has a new album out full of poignant and mood-shaping tracks. The musician and music producer gives us the lowdown on them plus what she has planned next; meanwhile we meet one of couture’s new leading lights Imane Ayissi; there’s a Q&A with the artist Paul McCarthy, an up-close with Kira Freije’s sculptures; and the latest art talent from Milan. Plus, jewellery to catch the light in; how to wear the opposite of the naked dress; new season scents and a look at how fragrance shapes one’s life. A lot to get stuck into as the new season finally gets underway. 


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JW Anderson and Offer Waterman present On Foot

16.09.2023 | Blog | BY:

This coming fall, Offer Waterman Gallery will unveil On Foot, an exhibition curated by Jonathan Anderson. 

On Foot will bring contemporary artists into dialogue with iconic works of modern British art, from the likes of seminal artists Igshaan Adams, Frank Auerbach, and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye amongst many others.

Also on display will be Anderson’s pieces from recent seasons for JW Anderson and LOEWE, each hand-picked for its sculptural and transformative forms.

The exhibition transforms the galleries of Offer Waterman into the iconic streets of Mayfair and Soho, unfolding like a walk-through London. From your local watering hole to garden squares, the gallery’s corridors and stairways will transform into the city’s traffic-clogged streets, and busy pavements, with ceramics and sculptures representing the city’s energetic crowd. You may even spot JW Anderson’s pigeons taking over what was once the gallery’s storeroom.

British artist, Anthea Hamilton, has collaborated with JW Anderson to present a limited-edition version of the iconic pigeon clutch which will be available at both Offer Waterman and the JW Anderson Soho store.

The exhibition will open on September 18, two days after Anderson presents his S/S 2024 womenswear collection for JW Anderson as part of London Fashion Week on 16 September.

JW Anderson at Offer Waterman On Foot runs from 18 September – 28 October 2023.


11.09.2023 | Blog | BY:

Asmaa Jama. Portrait by Kevin Lake. All About Love commission by BUILDHOLLYWOOD, 2023

After a successful launch across five UK cities with new commissions by five leading artists, the final instalment of this national billboard takeover comes to Bristol, led by artist Asmaa Jama. Twin’s digital editor Susanna Davies-Crook caught up with the large-scale public art project’s curator Zarina Rossheart to hear all about love….

Why did you choose Bell Hooks’ masterpiece book All About Love to be the title of this series? 

In the period of time when I was conceiving this project, coming out of the uncertainty of the global pandemic with a sudden war starting in Ukraine and an everyday reminder of ongoing climate crisis, there was heaviness in my heart. I was looking for answers and I wanted to do work that would counter the pain individually and collectively. Reading Bell Hooks’ All About Love in that moment provided inspiration and encouragement. I came across this paragraph that really spoke to me and it became a point of departure for the project:

‘Whether it is the ongoing worldwide presence of violence expressed by the persistence of the man-made war, hunger and starvation, the day-to-day reality of violence, the presence of life-threatening diseases that cause the unexpected deaths of friends, comrades, and loved ones, there is much that brings everyone to the brink of despair. Knowing love or the hope of knowing love is the anchor that keeps us from falling into the sea of despair’. – Bell Hooks

Helen Cammock, ‘the deepest crease in the fold of stone and the sweet taste of salt’ (2023). All About Love commission by BUILDHOLLYWOOD. Courtesy the artist. Photo_ Kevin Lake

What is your hope for the effect of the billboards on people who pass them?

I have always worked in public realm and hardly ever inside galleries. To me the billboards are the outdoor canvas for the artists to bring their work closer to everyone without exception. It is for the street workers and night workers as much as for anyone else passing by on their way about their life. As opposed to advertising that we are so used to, and immune to in a way, the art on billboards makes you stop, feel and hopefully contemplate life. It also allows to make invisible, unrepresented or other come to the forefront: For conversations held behind closed doors to become a shared or communal experience. It’s about amplification, being louder and having the courage to take up space.

Asmaa Jama, Except This Time Nothing Comes Back From The Ashes. Courtesy of Asmaa Jama and Gouled Ahmed. All About Love commission by BUILDHOLLYWOOD, 2023 Photo by Kevin Lake

Has anything unexpected happened as a result of embarking on this project?

The magic and mystery of working with artists leaves a lot of space to the unexpected and the unknown. I find beauty and meditation in that. I guess I could have never predicted though that the project would unfold in such an expansive and generous way. Including sharing difficult personal life moments with artists, and building incredibly supportive relationships that inspire me and hopefully the audience to continue on our chosen paths. 

Eve Stainton, You can take the _ out of _, 2023. All About Love commission by Buildhollywood. Courtesy the artist. Collage feat photography by David Laskowski, Stephen Bishop and Eve Stainton (48 sheet)


‘All About Love’ is BUILDHOLLYWOOD’s first major curatorial and artist commission that took over large-format billboards across Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester between April – September 2023. The project champions artists who are either born in those cities or live and work there, curated by Zarina Rossheart.


Tomo Campbell Presents Spitting Feathers

19.08.2023 | Blog | BY:

Highly acclaimed British artist, Tomo Campbell, has announced his latest exhibition, Spitting Feathers. From September 14th, the Cob Gallery will host Campbell’s exceptional works, marking his third solo exhibition at the coveted venue and promises to captivate art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Spitting Feathers will showcase his most extensive collection yet, displaying an intricate fusion of past, present, and future themes.

Collected by notable figures such as Harry Styles and Alexa Chung, Campbell has garnered attention for his unique artistic voice that seamlessly blends the classical with the contemporary. His creative journey navigates the delicate balance between abstraction and figuration, weaving a narrative that delves into timeless subjects such as the hunt, parades, and exploration. What sets his art apart is his distinctive style, characterised by an interplay of bold and layered arrangements in soft pastel hues reminiscent of the elegant Rococo era.

Inspired by a diverse array of source material, the exhibition invites viewers to step into a realm where tradition meets innovation.

As we await the official reveal, it’s clear that Tomo Campbell’s creative prowess continues to make waves across London’s creative landscape. Spitting Feather opens to the public on Thursday 14 September and will be on view until Saturday 7 October.

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