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ME Ibiza Celebrates 10 Years of Style, Sustainability and Spirituality 

As the white Isle continues to be a summer destination for luxury and party crowds alike, this year marks the tenth anniversary of ME Ibiza, the iconic five-star design hotel nestled in the heart of the legendary Balearics on the shores at Santa Eulalia.

Over the last decade, ME Ibiza has become a must-visit destination for artists and connoisseurs that find themselves drawn to the magic and energy of Ibiza, seeking a conscious community for artists and creatives. Offering more than the expected luxury F&B offering, ME has earned its status by creating a space for a conscious community of artists and experience-seekers. From hosting intimate Tanit Gatherings with local artists, to sponsoring the island’s film festival to showcase up-and-coming creatives, ME Ibiza is committed to fostering reflection and dialogue and contributing to the creative spirit of the island.

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, the man behind ME by Meliá, has been attached to the spot since childhood, and watched the island’s legend grow along with the tree under which his dreams first took root. This magnificent coastal tree remains a landmark of the architecture, and a timepiece encapsulating generations of guest memories past, present and future.

To celebrate a successful decade in the sun, ME presents the programme Ancient Future, including the blessing of the ME tree by a local spiritual elder and a curated cultural programme showcasing local painters, photographers, and artisans, alongside holistic wellness experiences. ME Ibiza has been offering avant-garde design and high-end holistic wellbeing for the past decade, thereby maintaining its status as a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

Rates at ME Ibiza start from £570 per night on a B&B basis. Exclusively for 2024. To book and for further information, visit:

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LOEWE’s Ibiza concept store

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This June, LOEWE have resurrected their Summer Shop in the Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art – MACE – for the second year running. As well as the brand’s ready-to-wear and accessory collections, it will also feature exclusive home and vacation essentials, such as bowls, desk items, sunglasses, and blankets.

The shop runs alongside the museum’s main summer exhibition, which is dedicated to the work of US artist, Cy Twombly. With the label’s key pieces such as bags, pouches and various gifts coming in a resplendent array of hot and vibrant shades, the products are in perfect synergy with their seasonal surroundings.

In addition to this, there will also be a selection of art books on sale, as well as wall carpets from weaver John Allen, the designs of which have also made their way onto a number of special pieces as part of collaboration with the textile artist. A variety of sweatshirts and T-shirts with prints based on brooches by Ramón Puig are also available to buy.

The LOEWE Summer Shop at MACE will remain open from 19th June until the 21st August, 2016.

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Becky Tong

Becky Tong: Decks On Fire

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Becky Tong has never struggled to fire up up a crowd. Her mixes are instantly energising, with lively sets that seem made for the summer. No stranger to music – her father is DJ Pete Tong – Becky has been working her magic on the London scene for years. Ahead of her set at Moët & Chandon’s Now or Neverland party, we caught up with her to get the inside scoop on summer jams and co-founding Juicebox.

When did you first get into music?
I remember hearing Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ and thinking: “what is this song about? Why did she write this?” The curiosity about artists and their journeys went from there. I knew I wanted to be around great music.

What are your favourite tracks right now?
I love this new band called Whitney, their album is fantastic.

How does music influence your style, and vice versa?
Artists like Kurt Cobain and Mick Jagger have definitely influenced my style. Sometimes I look back at pictures and want to copy exact looks they wore.

You co-founded juicebox – can you talk about how this happened? What have you most enjoyed so far?
Juicebox started as a blog where me and Adam [Callan] would post music we were feeling, then we decided to start a club night for all our friends to come and see the new bands we were excited about, and it turned into a regular thing. We’ve stopped the regular nights to focus on the artists we’re managing and growing the label. It’s hard to pin point a favourite moment as the whole journey has been great, but I guess the best feeling has been being able to leave out paid jobs to focus on growing the company on our own!

What projects and gigs have you got coming up this summer which you’re most excited about?
I’m excited about playing for Moët on June 11th for the Now or Neverland party. Also playing for shoe brand Golden Goose. Then Bestival at the end of the summer!

Your career takes you to lots of coveted events – besides great music, what do you think makes an amazing party?
I think it’s all about the people – I have to have my friends around, and a bottle of champagne!

What has been the most unexpected hit in terms of songs you’ve mixed whilst playing live?
Jump Around – Cypress Hill. No matter how glam the party is, this song always works!

Which artists are you excited about at the moment?
A disco/pop duo called Ekkah are amazing live.

Who features on your ultimate summer tracklist?
Chance the Rapper
Jorja Smith
SG Lewis

What’re you looking forward to at LC:M?
The after parties of course!

You’re DJ’ing at Moët’s June 11th Now or Neverland Party, which marks the first ever champagne spray – what part of your career to date would you mark as your Moët moment?
Being in Ibiza and celebrating my first ever DJ set over there!

Becky Tong is DJing at Moët & Chandon’s Now or Neverland party on 11th June, which marks the first ever champagne spray moment – when racing driver, Dan Gurney won the 24 hours of Le Mans race, popped a bottle of Moët & Chandon and momentously sprayed it in celebration, creating history. Tickets to ‘Now or Neverland’ are available to purchase from and Event Brite 

Image by Eva K. Salvi

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Mark Field

TIMANTI: Create Your Own Empire And They Will Come

17.05.2016 | Music | BY:

With the launch of her own label – Templr – a season in Ibiza, the release of an EP, countless festivals and international DJ gigs, artist TIMANTI‘s 24/7 work ethic is clearly paying off. Having made a name for herself with her unashamedly raucous club nights both in the UK and further afield, this London-born young woman – first name Steffie – has been flagged as one to watch in the realms of both music and mogul status.

Forgoing a machine-like team choreographing her success, Steffie has taken the hands-on approach, by doing absolutely everything herself. Here’s how, and why:

When did you start going out to clubs? Did you ever envisage that you’d be hosting nights one day?
I actually started hosting parties before being old enough to go to clubs! I used to hire out spaces and throw mini raves (which usually fell on my birthday) and then moved into proper venues. The parties where crazy, all my mates that were part of the Cali days would agree. I remember I got a couple of my dancer friends to dance in cages! (Sorry girls…) We were all underage – not sure if I should be saying this – and this was before I could even DJ!

How long have you been working in the music industry for? How did you get started?
I’ve been writing songs for as long as I can remember, like Primary School days. I’ve played quite a few instruments too. I’ve found some really embarrassing raps I’d done on my Talk Boy (wonder if anyone remembers those) from the ’90s… I’ve always had a passion for music so can’t think exactly what sparked it, all I know is that it hasn’t come from anyone around me growing up, as there was no one musical in my family… It was just there somehow! I started the parties when I was 15 and got my first DJ gig at the age of 17 while I was at college doing Music Technology.


How would you describe your sound?
A question I always struggle to answer. I’m influenced by so many sounds, so I would just say have a listen and decide for yourself. I would say it’s the TIMANTI sound, and tag it Future World Sounds!

I’ve seen that in the past you’ve mentioned overcoming a prior illness – do you mind me asking what that was and how it’s affected your work since?
It was an attack on my nervous system which caused numbness and permanent tingling around the body. It mainly affected my hands and I couldn’t DJ for about eight weeks last summer. I’m still undergoing tests for diagnosis. It was probably the scariest time of my life so far, but now I see the attack as a blessing. I’ve had to completely change my diet, and pretty much almost eliminated my alcohol consumption. I have to listen to my body a lot more and haven’t got as much strength as I did, but am determined to heal myself this summer in Ibiza, so the doctors won’t ever reach a diagnosis!

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the launch of your own record label – Templr – this summer, when did you decide to do that? And why?
This goes back to your question about my sound, I couldn’t really find a home for my next EP ‘City Of Gods’ (to be honest I only sent it to two labels) so decided to release it myself. There is a story surrounding each of my releases/tracks, and for this release I wanted to dedicate it to my Dad and release it on his 60th Birthday, 15th July. He loves the track and is such an important figure in my life as well as my Mum.

Who – out of your contemporaries – are you really into right now?
I’m really digging what the guys and girls around me are doing, especially Esa! He’s sitting on an absolute bomb which I can’t wait to play out in Ibiza. Voicedrone – who’s working on a remix for me – is creating some stunning analogue masterpieces, and Ireen Amnes is blowing my mind during her live DJ sets! Barber, Taylor, D. Ramirez, Coco Cole, BOY, Amber Shells, all the crew coming out of Hackney Wick and Mainyard & Shapes are, in my opinion, cooking up the future of our dance floors.

Is your professional world a supportive one?
I’m very lucky, I’ve got such an amazing squad that I live and work with. There are way too many to name here, but I would consider many of the following names family: Big Ups all of the Nixwax gang (especially Alec, Rob & Ralph for signing my first ever Vinyl release), Taylor & Tom Starr who have been like musical big brothers to me from day one – without them I wouldn’t be where I am today! Hannah Wants and her team have been awesome too after winning the What Hannah Wants comp in 2014, and playing on tour with her last year. What she does for up and coming artists is mega! Loz and Youngr who I live with in Hackney are two of the best, supportive house mates I could have ever wished for and my adopted baby musical sis Lolé will be in my room for the summer while I’ve moved to the inspiring Sonic Vista Studios for the season with another amazing squad! Literally count my lucky stars everyday!

You’re in Ibiza right now for the season, what are you favourite things to do there?
I get so inspired just being here but love to hang out in the caves, sleep under the stars and meditate at Es Vedra. Nothing can beat spending time exploring the island with my friends and pretending to be pirates – haha… I made a tune once called ‘Pirates of Es Vedra’. The outdoor parties and beach parties are my favourite. I also really love Pikes!

You’re also playing your fair share of festivals this summer, why should people come and check you out over the competition?
I am actually playing quite early at most of them so I guess they’re going to be quite different! I approach each set as a journey and would recommend you stick around for the whole ride. At Secret Garden Party I’m playing 10am-midday, and planning on doing a meditation/transcendental type set; I’ve never done this before so should be quite interesting. I’ve also just been confirmed for Lost Village festival which I’m super excited about! I’ll be opening up the Abandoned Chapel on the Saturday with some special vibes.

Is there any one track that is guaranteed to get the crowd going at your club nights?
There are a few but the real head-turner for me at the moment seems to be my track ‘City of Gods’. It has this secret bass line that comes out of nowhere and people seem to lose their minds. I wrote this after seeing Gardens of God at Lost Village last year!

If you could only listen to one track for 24 hours, what would it be and why?
Kiasmos – ‘Looped’,  because I think I’ve already done it! Literally reminds me of summer and is such a beautiful track it’s impossible to get bored of.

How would you sum up the success of this year so far in once sentence?
I’m blown away to be honest, it’s all kind of happened because I decided to take risks and create it! I know it’s supposed to be one sentence but would like to extend this question with the hope of helping inspire others. I haven’t got a manager or a booking agent and don’t spend my whole life getting smashed at every party, in fact I’m always busy working so am rarely out. And when I’m not working I only spend time with people that care for me (this I think is fundamental as the industry is extremely tough). Don’t wait for the golden ticket, make your own… Create your own empire and they will come.

TIMANTI’s ‘Don’t U’ is out now on Love & Other; and her EP ‘City of Gods’ will be released on 15th July on Templr.

All images courtesy of Mark Field Photography

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