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Big, bold and future-facing, Gentle Monster has shaken up the eyewear game. Once upon a time, Ray-Bans or Oakley performance frames were the main offerings in the every-person eyewear department. Fast-forward to today and Gentle Monster has joined forces with Coperni to create a range of avante-garde sunglasses. Chasing the future, the 5G-inspired collection consists of 2 models: the 5G and the 5G BOLD. Nineties references to RoboCop and Back to the Future are paired with new ideas around connection and speed. 

Shot by Parisian film director Alexandre Silberstein, the campaign video takes us into The Matrix. Featuring singer Le Diouck and models Louise Roberts and Jeanne Zheng, it transports us into the brand’s technological universe. The collaboration is accompanied by an Augmented Reality Instagram filter, offering users the chance to virtually try-on the 5G Bold sunglasses. 

Already approved by the likes of Zendaya, the 5G BOLD goggle-shape features voluminous curves, an acetate frame and an eye-catching logo. For the minimalists, the 5G has a cat-eye silhouette that is slightly less bold but no less impactful. 

Committed to the digital-friendly lifestyle, the shades come with a virtual set-up box that enables 5G communication with the 5G eyewear. The future of eyewear has landed, Doc and Marty would be into it.

The collaboration collection is available now worldwide, sold at Gentle Monster and Coperni’s on/offline stores, and global select shops. 





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Robert Grey is the friend we all need right now. As they explain, “with the world as it is, a note from a friend in the right moment can mean the difference between disaster and delight.” The trauma-informed therapist and reiki master has become well known with those in the know as a compassionate, intersectional and conscious practitioner. Their journey as a trans non-binary healer lit the way for their path of self-love and self-acceptance. Now they are sharing these tools in an innovative audio subscription that offers spiritual guidance and wellbeing practices for daily life. Differing from mindfulness apps and larger scale one-size-fits-all enterprises, Robert’s notes are warm and personal. They offer moments of reflection, meditation and contemplation to help navigate the day at hand. 

Be Where You Are: Notes From A Friend are five minute voice notes recorded during robert’s self practice each day and sent on that morning, so that the practice can be shared. These intimate insights stem from Robert’s own experience and often include explorations in astrology, tarot, ritual, meditation, devotion and self-healing. This sense of a wider community listening in adds to the appeal for subscribers and for Robert also, “I offer ongoing support for a community that in turn supports me. I believe in a healer for every village, so this subscription has essentially become my village.” To have the velvet voice of a caring friend send healing vibrations through your phone speaker we think sounds dreamy, and is a good way of remembering to take moments in the day for self care. 

Robert’s note for today:

There are many kinds of love, and in my experience they each request the same simple devotion: that we become open to it”.

Available now for £9.99 per month at


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