Tomo Campbell Presents Spitting Feathers

19.08.2023 | Blog | BY:

Highly acclaimed British artist, Tomo Campbell, has announced his latest exhibition, Spitting Feathers. From September 14th, the Cob Gallery will host Campbell’s exceptional works, marking his third solo exhibition at the coveted venue and promises to captivate art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Spitting Feathers will showcase his most extensive collection yet, displaying an intricate fusion of past, present, and future themes.

Collected by notable figures such as Harry Styles and Alexa Chung, Campbell has garnered attention for his unique artistic voice that seamlessly blends the classical with the contemporary. His creative journey navigates the delicate balance between abstraction and figuration, weaving a narrative that delves into timeless subjects such as the hunt, parades, and exploration. What sets his art apart is his distinctive style, characterised by an interplay of bold and layered arrangements in soft pastel hues reminiscent of the elegant Rococo era.

Inspired by a diverse array of source material, the exhibition invites viewers to step into a realm where tradition meets innovation.

As we await the official reveal, it’s clear that Tomo Campbell’s creative prowess continues to make waves across London’s creative landscape. Spitting Feather opens to the public on Thursday 14 September and will be on view until Saturday 7 October.

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