Chase Tha Worst: London’s Artist on the Rise

04.12.2023 | Blog | BY:

East London-based rapper Chase Tha Worst has been catching the internet’s ear with a stolid and infectious flow. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, he’s carved his own distinct aesthetic and sound; an intoxicating blend of hip hop and funk, challenging conventions and offering a fresh perspective. That same spark is on display on No Friendz, his new single and video out now.

Last week, the rapper and producer released his debut album Tha Worst Mixtape. Tongue-in-cheek lyricism and effortless delivery can be heard drifting across his 10 self-produced songs, crossing into different genres. In No Friendz, Chase channels an energetic and laid back flow, coupled with striking visuals shot in London. 

“I think in current times, music alone is not enough. I wanted to use all the creative fields I love- music, creative direction and comedy to bring the project to life and create a world around it,” says Chase.

Speaking further on his debut, “I hope that it inspires others to do the same. I hope to bring some originality and craft to not just the music but all that surrounds it – the promos, the videos, the visual identity. I think that a lot of people are caught up with trends and numbers. How do I get famous? How do I make my next song blow up? A lot of people are trying to use a formula but it’s killing the art form. I hope to inspire other artists to stop trying to feed algorithms, stop jumping on trends, and make what they really want to make.”

You can watch the official No Friendz video here, out now.

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