Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Sky Ferreira

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Everything is Embarrassing was labelled as one of the best pop songs of 2012 by many within the music blogosphere last year, so with her much-delayed debut album finally scheduled for release this spring, Roulet t ar ett spel som har passat mig riktigt bra eftersom man inte behover fruktansvart mycket i insats, samtidigt som det ar latt och enkelt att spela. all eyes and ears are firmly fixed on the 20 year old musician, model and muse, Sky Ferreira.

Although Ferreira”s Everything Is Embarrassing EP has been available to buy in the US since late last year, it will be officially released in the UK tomorrow.

Twin Sunday Soundtrack – Bleached

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What can I say about Bleached… Firstly, they are two sisters (Jennifer and Jessica) who are effortlessly oozing the Twin girl attitude and energy. They follow no rules. But perhaps if they did, the pair’s understanding of regulative instruction would probably be something rather similar to those catchy slogans you find printed on stereotypical punk tees at festivals and Camden Market: ‘Live fast, die young,‘ ‘No Regrets,’ ‘Rock ‘till you die.’ The title of their debut album, ‘Ride Your Heart’ is another addition to this Bleached-Rule-Book…

Secondly, they also create some pretty awesome music. The sound is rough yet melodic, focused yet loud – Essentially a wonderful gnarly noise of bouncy punk-pop reminiscent of the music produced by fellow Rockin’ ladies, Vivian Girls and Wild Flag.

Ride you Heart is released tomorrow, followed by an extensive European tour.


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Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Girl Called Johnny

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This week we’ve been lusting over a girl. In particular a Girl Called Johnny – the latest musical project from ex-Ramona vocalist and front-woman, Karen Anne. The debut single Heaven Knows is a beautiful story of heartache and lost love featuring catchy heartfelt lyrics that can undoubtedly relate to any twenty-something-year-old girl (even those not called Johnny).

Since going solo, Karen has embraced the opportunity to create a completely personalised record whilst swapping Ramonas staple punk-rock sound for a refreshingly mellow indie approach reminiscent of early sixties mod-pop, “Ray Davis is a major influence – he writes the most beautiful lyrics, especially about London,” she told Twin. “Also a lot of the other bands I love like The Smiths and New York Dolls are influenced by all the sixties’ girl bands so I guess it all comes from the same place…”

As well as her music, Karen Anne has also become renowned for her sugary-sweet boyish looks (think Debbie Harry meets Edie Sedgwick) after posing as the face of Burberry back in 2011. However music is most certainly on the top of her to-do list for 2013. “Expect an album for sure, I’m also working on a new video right now which is exciting!”


Twin decided to get to know A Girl Called Johnny with a quick either/or game…

Sweet or savoury?



Leather or denim?

Both. Together. Always.


Guitars or beats?



Pub or club?

Pub never club.


Tea or coffee?



Heels or flats?



City exploration or country stroll?

City exploration.


‘Heaven Knows’ is released on April 1.

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Twin loves a bit of unisex dressing and a good old designer collaboration or two. Thankfully, Dr. Martens and Brutus Trimfit have joined forces for yet another season to create what might possibly be the unisex match-made-in-heaven. For decades, these two heritage brands have been synonymous with sub-cultural style, acquiring a dedicated cult following of fans along the way. The duo’s latest collection in particular pays homage to the Suedeheads of the late 1960s with a re-creation of Brutus’ iconic gingham ’69 shirt plastered in a classic Dr. Marten’s cherry red and mustard yellow colourway.

Brutus Trimfit for Dr. Martens shirt styles are available from the 29th March at and

Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Colleen Green

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Colleen Green is a single guitar, a drum machine and a pair of oversized sunglasses, whose catchy, fuzzy tunes fuse Nineties surf rock with pop-punk… If California were a sound, it would be the sound of Colleen Green.

Time In The World is the first song to be taken from her latest album, Sock It To Me available from 19th March with HardlyArt.


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For this week’s Sunday Soundtrack we’re stealing time with Stealing Sheep, three very lovely Liverpool lasses (Emily, Rebecca and Lucy) whose shared love for three-part-harmonies, whiskey and an eclectic mix of experimental music genres first brought them together back in the summer of 2010. Their debut album Into the Diamond Sun was one of the most exciting new releases of last year that subsequently took them on numerous adventures touring around the UK and Europe. Twin spoke to the musical trio to discuss future plans, the Merseyside music scene and telepathic dinosaurs…


Your music has been described as everything from psych pagan folk to post-punk pop, but how would you describe your sound?

We’d say something like… dreamy, doom pop with hypnotic boomy beats, slinky pitch bendy guitars, voodoo folk harmonies, 60’s drone Synths and 16-bit fantasy style keyboards frilled with accidental percussions such as zithers, tuned cow bells and far away howls.

You’ve just finished supporting Villagers on their UK tour – how was that? Do you currently have plans for any other live shows coming up soon?

It was really nice – they are sound lads – very down to earth and into whiskey just like us! We went straight to Europe after that to join Alt-J (who we also toured with before Christmas) and that was well fun. It was great to see them again and watching them play was as great as ever! We’re looking forward to the festivals next and our dates supporting The Postal Service.

What ideas inspire your music?

We play a word game in the car. It goes like: Moon. Spoon. Lagoon. Lilly. Pond. Fish. Plate…etc. You sort of say whatever that word reminds you of and only get a split second to say it so it’s random and fresh. We write it down and put the words together to see what we can create. In Paris last weekend we created a Telepathic Dinosaur with a Death Mind. So that’s the start of a couple of new songs or a new illustration, animation, music video idea… anything! We also listen to loads of music on tour. We listen to anything from composers such as Gustav Holst (The Planets) and Vernon Elliott (Noggin the Nog and Clangers), to Alt-J or Ariel Pink. This really inspires a mixed bag of ideas.

You were one of the coolest new female bands of 2012 – who are you keeping your eye on for 2013?

Girl band wise we’d say Novella and Pins are looking pretty hot! 

You girls are all originally from Liverpool – tell us a bit about the music scene there?

…and we’re still here!  There’s a good healthy mix of old and new bands. They’re all pretty diverse and doing their own thing. There’s a really cool art collective called The Kazimier and they run a club and do loads of performing arts style nights which are really inspiring musically and visually. There is such a great crowd of amazing artists and musicians so it’s great to be here and be part of it!

Female solo artists seem to be dominating the music world as of late but there are still very few all female bands out there in comparison – why do you think that is? Is there an additional pressure on females trying to make it in the music industry?

Maybe fewer girls are interested in being in bands? We’re not sure really. We like working together but not necessarily because we’re all girls. We’re all into having three-part harmonies and naturally interested in similar things. Maybe with all girl bands you find a nice intuitive level between you because of how the female brain differs creatively… or does it? Music industry wise, there are different kinds of pressures for all bands depending on your genre and style. Whether you’re targeting audiences that are interested in the music or the style or the looks. It all depends what you are in it for, it’s how you perceive it. We don’t want to be pressured into anything: if we don’t want to do it, we won’t. So I guess it’s simple. It’s all to do with how strong-minded you are! 

What can we expect from Stealing Sheep in the near future?

We’re designing costumes, new music videos, writing new material and we’re touring a hell of a lot, so come an’ see us!

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Why Art Photography?

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When featured in a commercial or documentative format, photography more often than not can be understood by many, however conceptual art photography and its intended purpose and message remains slightly more mysterious to some. Last week, Twin visited the Photographers’ Gallery, London, for the launch of Why Art Photography? – the latest book written by female photographer, critic and art historian, Lucy Soutter, that provides a deeper understanding and explanation to photography as an art form.

Throughout its six chapters, Soutter’s book explores themes such as ambiguity, objectivity and authenticity, whilst introducing the reader to various fresh perspectives and responses to existing debates, cogently defending the form of conceptual art as a valid use for photography. We were privileged enough to hear Lucy talk through the final chapter entitled ‘Beyond Photography’, which provides an excellent summary to the book’s key focal point. Here she examines the work of a number of contemporary conceptual artists, all of whom have merged photography with various other 2D, 3D and even abstract art forms, demonstrating that the photographic medium should never in any way be only limited to the ‘wall’.

Why Art Photography? published by Routledge, is available to purchase now.

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Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Beatrice Eli

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It was back in May of last year when the Scandinavian siren, Beatrice Eli, first stole our hearts. Now with her latest single ‘It’s Over’ and a new EP due for a worldwide release later this month, we’re ready to fall in love all over again…


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Ready, Jelly, Go!

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Back last summer Azealia Banks tweeted a picture of her latest shoe-crush  – a custom pair of JuJu jelly Babes that had been designed specifically so that they would glow under the UV lights of her on-stage sets. However for this summer, the original British-born jelly footwear company are extending the reach of this unique style of shoe to us ‘more normal folk’ with a launch of an entire collection of UV reactive sandals available in six eye popping colours… Now find us a shiny dance floor and blast out some Livin Joy on the stereo and we’re good to go!


Image by Kamilla Takacs

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Twin Sunday Soundtrack – Bat For Lashes

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As the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait. So when Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes returned at the end of last year with The Haunted Man — her highly anticipated follow-up from 2009’s acclaimed record Two Suns  we were more than excited.

Album number three is often referred to amongst artists as ‘that difficult third album’, however Khan injects hers with even more magic, escapism and mystery that we’ve all been left completely mesmerised. And it’s not just the music that captures a sense of surrealism. Earlier this week the rather weird yet wonderful video for new single Lilies was released, which features Khan amongst a cast of animated monster puppets. Need we say more?

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Twin Exclusive – Scotch & Soda Go Down Town

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The Autumn / Winter ’13 showcases may be in full swing right now but here at Twin HQ we’re still longing for Spring / Summer. We’ve been feeding our obsession with the current season with a little help from the Dutch fashion label, Scotch & Soda, who have given us an exclusive look at their latest lifestyle imagery shot by Philippe Vogelenzang in down-town New York.

Scotch & Soda and their sister line, Maison Scotch, have appointed models of the moment, Ashley Smith and Erik Andersson, to present the new collections’ key pieces, consisting of ‘Western’ influenced staples that feature Ikat patterning, fringing, relaxed jersey and prairie-inspired lace details.

As if these super cool shots weren’t enough the Amsterdam-based brand have also created additional content including an insider interview with Ashley and Erik plus behind-the-scenes Polaroids, all of which are available to view on their website now…



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Williams Handmade for Kirsty Ward

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Kirsty Ward is most likely a name you’ve heard of before; if you didn’t catch her interview with yours truly last summer, then you no doubt have previously come across her distinguished statement jewellery and clean considered womenswear pictured on a number of fashion blogs, magazine editorials or even the odd stylish celeb.

When we last spoke to Kirsty she was revealing news about her Spring / Summer ’13 collection, so we thought it was only apt that she’d also share with us her highlights for this season — in particular a unique bag collaboration with fellow British designer, Sarah Williams of Williams Handmade.

“I’ve created several clutch bags in previous collections, however this was something that I’ve always wanted to explore further, so when the opportunity came up to collaborate with Sarah I was super excited,” Kirsty told Twin. “We first met at ITS#9 where we were both finalists in the accessories category but I’ve been a big fan of her work for years now – plus I think our aesthetics work really well together.”

The collection consists of four bag styles in total, all of which feature detachable and interchangeable straps so that the wearer can mix between the colours featured in the chosen pastel palette of pink, blue and grey. Similar to Ward’s own womenswear designs, Sarah’s clean, minimalistic creations form a perfect foundation to the bold signature jewellery pieces that Kirsty has adorned the surfaces and edges with.

The Williams Handmade for Kirsty Ward collection will be showcased along with the rest of Kirsty’s Autumn / Winter ’13 offering at the Vogue Talents Corner, Palazzo Morando, during Milan Fashion Week later this week.

Images courtesy of Alexander Jordan

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Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Laura Mvula

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There’s been a lot of buzz recently surrounding the British singer and songwriter, Laura Mvula, so much so that some critics have even coined a new genre, ‘Gospeldelia’, to fully describe her soulful and rather therapeutic sound. We, on the other hand, are not going to even try. Instead, we just recommend you listen…

Many exciting things lie ahead for the 26-year-old artist this year; her debut studio album entitled Sing To The Moon is set for release at the beginning of March, with her first major headlining UK tour soon to follow.


Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Kilo Kish

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In the spring of last year, Lakisha Kimberly “Kish” Robinson a.k.a Kilo Kish surfaced onto the New York music scene, bringing along with her a poetic and slow-tempo take on hip hop through her debut self-released EP, Homeschool. For 2013, the 22-year-old female rapper and vocalist is back with some new material and an additional musical project entitled k+, a collaborative mixtape featuring a long list of creative contributors, producers (and friends) including SBTRKT, Earl Sweatshirt, A$AP Ferg, CRONOS, Childish Gambino and The Internet.

Kilo Kish will be playing several UK shows next month.

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They say that behind every great man there’s a great woman… and behind every great man’s great wardrobe is an even greater woman. Especially if his clothes rail is crammed to the sides with 1205 – the unisex fashion label set up by the tailor–turned–fashion designer, Paula Gerbase. “I had been on Savile Row for five years and felt it was time to move on to new challenges,” Paula told Twin. “I wanted to explore the possibility of taking the knowledge I had acquired on Savile Row further – that is when I launched 1205.” With previous experiences under her belt that nestle within both the womenswear and menswear market, Gerbase set out to create 1205 as a brand accessible for both men and women, but with a sartorial aesthetic which is consistent between both lines, focusing on the intriguing balance between femininity and masculinity.

Following a successful presentation of the latest menswear collection during London Collections: Men earlier this year, 1205 will also be debuting their Autumn/ Winter 2013 womenswear offering through the renowned NEWGEN initiative at London Fashion Week this month. Whether it’s due to excitement or curiosity (or perhaps just downright impatience) we decided that we couldn’t wait much longer so we asked Paula to give us more of an insight into 1205 plus an exclusive cheeky sneak peek of what fabrics, textures and colours feature in the new womenswear collection…


Firstly, what’s behind the name 1205?

1205 is simply the day I was born. To me it signifies the beginning – a fresh start. I had no interest in having my name on a label, I really just wanted to make clothing, and the graphic anonymity of 4 numbers felt right.

Although tailoring is very much a significant and fundamental feature to 1205, did you find the transition from designing for a traditional tailoring atelier to creating a contemporary fashion label challenging?

The most challenging part of 1205 has been to find manufacturers who are willing to find the balance between tradition and modernity, working with unusual fabrics, lighter constructions but still retaining a defined silhouette. My experience on Savile Row was with a tailor who was forward thinking and so the transition between Savile Row and 1205 was a natural progression.

Harvey Nichols hosted your latest menswear presentation during London Collections: Men earlier this month – how did that go?

Harvey Nichols hosted a preview of the collection, but in a way it was more of an introduction to the 1205 aesthetic, through Kindness’s performance wearing bespoke 1205. The idea was to collaborate with other creatives to showcase the wearability and versatility of the collection, as well as to show tailoring in movement, removing it from its usual rigid representation.

Does your personal style reflect similarities to the androgynous/ masculine aesthetic of your own womenswear designs?

It was never intentional, but my personal aesthetic probably does reflect in the collection. I have always loved men’s clothing for its attention to detail, focus on fabric and cut and its considered construction – I have worn men’s pieces for as long as I can remember. The subtle thought process and continuity of a man’s wardrobe was always interesting to me; they are values 1205 encompasses also.

You will be showcasing your Autumn/Winter ’13 womenswear collection next month as part of the NEWGEN exhibitions at London Fashion Week – any hints as to what we can expect? What was the inspiration?

The Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection is based on a few ‘Recits de Voyage’ I found by a Swiss writer and photographer who was most prolific between 1934 and 1942. They inspired a collection about travel, which translated into a redefining of the new 1205 uniform playing with contrasts of formal/casual fabrics and shapes, as well as introducing new fabrics such as waterproof flannel and knitwear. As ever, the focus of the 1205 collection is on subtle details and texture contrasts.

Who is your all time style hero?

Anyone with a strong sense of self, someone original!


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Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Melody’s Echo Chamber

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We’ve fallen a little bit in love with the Parisian artist Melody Prochet, a.k.a Melody’s Echo Chamber. Her debut self-titled album is bursting with mesmerising vocals that overlay lo-fi psych-rock sounds, perfectly coinciding with the fact that it was produced by Kevin Parker, the Tame Impala frontman and current King-of-psychedlia.

Melody commences a tour of Europe later this month.

Theysken's Theory SS'13

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January is beginning to look a bit more cheery here at Twin HQ; the gradual arrival of the new season fashion campaigns that have been creeping their way into our inboxes certainly are keeping us in high hopes for the new year with a subtle reminder that spring is soon approaching.

The latest advertising imagery from Theysken’s Theory is one that has stood out amongst the pack, with a unique composition that merges stylised shots of Wylie Hays with landscapes of the seashore in Knokke Le Zoutte, Belgium captured by himself. Plus, not every campaign can boast that its final polished look is the result of combining the creative minds belonging to three of the world’s most influential Belgian artists: designer Olivier Theyskens, photographer Willy Vanderperre and stylist Olivier Rizzo.

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The Power Of Three: Dagmar

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Some say creativity and ambition is a genetic trait – something powerfully instinctive that lies deep within the veins. This perhaps could be the reason why three sisters from Sweden decided to combine their talents, experience and specialties to create their own sibling success story. Sofia Wallenstam, Kristina Tjäder and Karin Söderlind launched their fashion label, Dagmar, back in 2005 after developing three very impressive careers of their own within three very separate areas of the fashion industry: design, retail and PR.

Since then, Dagmar and its three founders have continued to find success both in Sweden and overseas, picking up numerous awards and achievements along the way.

Tomorrow the ladies will be showcasing their latest collection at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week. Twin spoke to Karin, the label’s Head of Marketing and PR, ahead of the show…


You launched Dagmar over 7 years ago – how have things developed since then? What have been the highlights throughout this time?

There have been so many highlights! Every year has been overwhelming, however some of our awards have been the biggest highlights to date; we were awarded with the NewGen Fresh Faces New York in 2007, New designer of the Year by Swedish Elle magazine in 2006 and won Guldknappen in 2011 – Scandinavia’s most prestigious design award. But just to be able to grow and hire people has been a milestone for us. It’s always a great moment when more people join the team every year.


Does working as a family business make it easier or harder? Obviously you all have each other for support but are there times when sisterly squabbling gets in the way?

Honestly there are some times when it does get a bit like ‘this is something that I would never say to any other employee’, but we try hard to work things out when it gets in our way.


Do you all have your own individual roles within the business?

Yes, from the start we split the responsibility between us. Sofia Wallenstam is Head of Sales, Kristina Tjäder is Head of Design and I, Karin Söderlind, am Head of Marketing & Pr.


Describe your signature aesthetic in just 3 words.

Unconventional & sophisticated (even better, I could do it in only two!).


Opening today is Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week, where you will be showcasing your AW’13 collection. What’s the inspiration/ concept behind it?

There was a huge Renaissance influence taking over us and so you can detect some of that within the collection. We put a lot of focus on jackets and coats this time with knitted furs, strict wool capes and coats with interesting cuts.


Dagmar is named after your late Grandmother who you’ve stated as being your muse at the beginning. Are there any other inspirational women who influence your work?

We are always inspired by strong women for our collections but not any particular one this season… well maybe Mona Lisa!


Any big plans lined up for 2013?

A lot of things always seem to happen, planned or not! We have huge plans, but more for the long run than specifically for 2013. Short term we are opening a big shop within NK in Stockholm this February, plus we’d like to have more of a presence in London this year… let’s see how…

Dagmar Spring/Summer 2013


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Twin Sunday Soundtrack – MØ

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Commercial electro-pop with soulful synths and catchy melodies is the sound of , Scandinavia’s latest rising star who has already been dubbed by many as the next Grimes. That’s certainly no bad thing in our book!

MØ’s debut album is expected for release in the UK later this year.


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This season Uslu Airlines have recruited a pair of co-pilots. The Berlin-based beauty brand have teamed up with Graffiti artist SuperBlast and the makers behind his artistic weapon of choice, spray-paint-specialists Montana, to create TRU: a new nail polish which reflects the same signature blue hue you will find featured in SuperBlast’s artwork. To accompany this creative cosmetic collaboration, Montana have also launched a limited edition version of their infamous spray can – both of which are available to buy now exclusively at Colette, Paris.



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