Twin Sunday Soundtrack – Bleached

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What can I say about Bleached… Firstly, they are two sisters (Jennifer and Jessica) who are effortlessly oozing the Twin girl attitude and energy. They follow no rules. But perhaps if they did, the pair’s understanding of regulative instruction would probably be something rather similar to those catchy slogans you find printed on stereotypical punk tees at festivals and Camden Market: ‘Live fast, die young,‘ ‘No Regrets,’ ‘Rock ‘till you die.’ The title of their debut album, ‘Ride Your Heart’ is another addition to this Bleached-Rule-Book…

Secondly, they also create some pretty awesome music. The sound is rough yet melodic, focused yet loud – Essentially a wonderful gnarly noise of bouncy punk-pop reminiscent of the music produced by fellow Rockin’ ladies, Vivian Girls and Wild Flag.

Ride you Heart is released tomorrow, followed by an extensive European tour.


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Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Girl Called Johnny

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This week we’ve been lusting over a girl. In particular a Girl Called Johnny – the latest musical project from ex-Ramona vocalist and front-woman, Karen Anne. The debut single Heaven Knows is a beautiful story of heartache and lost love featuring catchy heartfelt lyrics that can undoubtedly relate to any twenty-something-year-old girl (even those not called Johnny).

Since going solo, Karen has embraced the opportunity to create a completely personalised record whilst swapping Ramonas staple punk-rock sound for a refreshingly mellow indie approach reminiscent of early sixties mod-pop, “Ray Davis is a major influence – he writes the most beautiful lyrics, especially about London,” she told Twin. “Also a lot of the other bands I love like The Smiths and New York Dolls are influenced by all the sixties’ girl bands so I guess it all comes from the same place…”

As well as her music, Karen Anne has also become renowned for her sugary-sweet boyish looks (think Debbie Harry meets Edie Sedgwick) after posing as the face of Burberry back in 2011. However music is most certainly on the top of her to-do list for 2013. “Expect an album for sure, I’m also working on a new video right now which is exciting!”


Twin decided to get to know A Girl Called Johnny with a quick either/or game…

Sweet or savoury?



Leather or denim?

Both. Together. Always.


Guitars or beats?



Pub or club?

Pub never club.


Tea or coffee?



Heels or flats?



City exploration or country stroll?

City exploration.


‘Heaven Knows’ is released on April 1.

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Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Kilo Kish

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In the spring of last year, Lakisha Kimberly “Kish” Robinson a.k.a Kilo Kish surfaced onto the New York music scene, bringing along with her a poetic and slow-tempo take on hip hop through her debut self-released EP, Homeschool. For 2013, the 22-year-old female rapper and vocalist is back with some new material and an additional musical project entitled k+, a collaborative mixtape featuring a long list of creative contributors, producers (and friends) including SBTRKT, Earl Sweatshirt, A$AP Ferg, CRONOS, Childish Gambino and The Internet.

Kilo Kish will be playing several UK shows next month.

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Twin Sunday Soundtrack – MØ

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Commercial electro-pop with soulful synths and catchy melodies is the sound of , Scandinavia’s latest rising star who has already been dubbed by many as the next Grimes. That’s certainly no bad thing in our book!

MØ’s debut album is expected for release in the UK later this year.


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Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Tamaryn

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This weekend we’ve been losing ourselves in the sounds of Tamaryn, a San Francisco based singer who fuses shoegaze with dream-pop through ambling guitar riffs, steady emphatic beats and soft ethereal vocals. Tamaryn and her creative partner-in-crime, Rex John Shelverton, will be touring Europe next month, opening with a London show on January 31.


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