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Claire Boucher aka Grimes is undoubtably the girl of the moment. Not only are her tunes ludicrously catchy without the cliche, but her personal style is such that girls want to be her and guys want to be near her.

For Twin’s Issue VI we tasked photographer Tara Darby, stylist Michele Rafferty and hairstylist Selena Middleton with shooting Grimes.

Twin spoke to Michele Rafferty and Selena Middleton about collaborating on the shoot…

Hi Michele, you styled Grimes for Twin’s Issue VI. What are the differences between styling people and fashion models?
It requires a different sort of approach than with models not harder just different. Respecting her integrity whilst still creating something that works, feels relevant and reflects your own style, your obsessions…

How did you envision the shoot?
The team was key, it always is, but my thoughts about Grimes’ look was that I wanted to get away from the ethereal thing she often seems to have going on. I wanted something tougher and cleaner, also a sense of fun. I wanted her to be the coolest, hardest girl at school. So she’s a kind of grebo skinhead mix! She’s the girl I would have been bunking off a maths lesson with.

I chatted with Claire about what she was comfortable with. She was really open, very aware of the importance of creating interesting images. She also knew her own mind. Her only request was that she be allowed to keep her tights on. She doesn’t shave her legs, which is very unusual and very impressive. She’s a very cool young lady.

How did you work as a team?
Obviously when everyone arrives at the studio the ideas are all discussed and brought together. Selena and I are very much on the same wavelength as far as references go and she brought it all together with the coloured hairpieces, different colours for each outfit change.

It’s fun to work with people that have the same kind of visual reference library and their own brilliant obsessions. I think Tara’s images are lovely and unique, they show another side of Claire/Grimes.





















Stripe dress Open Back, Miharayasuhiro
Cherry red boots, Dr. Martens

Where did you take your cues from for the look of the shoot?
As above, but more solid refs; Shane Meadows’ This Is England, youth cult mixes, luxury labels brought down to earth with DM boots.

What’s your personal attitude to fashion and styling?
I love clothes, it’s a language. People say so much about themselves in the way they dress. I find that fascinating and fun and funny.

What are your earliest outfit memories?
My mum made all our clothes. We were always the freaks! I just wanted white nylon tights like the other girls. Obviously now I know my sister and I looked adorable.

What item would make it into to your personal capsule wardrobe?
White men’s 100 per cent cotton T-shirt.

Whose style do you admire now and forever?
A sweeping statement, but, Jamaican men, disaffected youth, old English men. I also love a uniform.

What’s coming up next for you?
Shooting a short film with Clare Shilland for Marni Menswear S/S 13.

White school uniform shirt, John Lewis
Navy crombie, Celine
Cherry red boots, Dr. Martens

Hi Selena, where did you start with the hair for the Grimes shoot?
Well it was a collaboration between Michele Rafferty, Tara Darby and myself.  Claire Grimes is the future of music, and like all young cool kids she likes to experiment, so we all decided it would be a good idea to change her hair colour in every shot to work with the outfits. For me this is the best form of artistic expression, no boundaries just believing what your doing is right.  I think Michelle and I are very much on the same page, and as a team we worked to get the best possible image.

What are your must have products?
Dry shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine.

What look do you love at the moment?
Anything modern with a twist.  I love a grunge bun with colour!

Do you have a style secret you can share with us?
After washing and conditioning your hair, tie your hair at the nape of your neck with some hairgrips.  Apply Shu Uemura deep-sea repair foundation and leave to dry.  Voila! Beautiful, natural beach hair.

What has been your best hairstyling moment?
Back in the day when I was assisting, I met Martin Margiela and also Martine Sitbon my two favourite designers, while working on the Hermes show. That was a pretty exciting day!

What’s next for you?
I have been art directing on a lot of projects which is allowing me to have more control over the work I produce.  You can be even more creative and it is great working with a strong team, I still love to share ideas with other people!





















Pink bandeau top, Prada
Blue skirt, Prada
Sunglasses, Celine

Top Image:
Blue school uniform shirt, John Lewis
Silver collar, Miu Miu
Blue skirt, Prada

Photographer – Tara Darby
Photographer’s assistant – Dave Hampton
Stylist – Michele Rafferty
Stylist’s assistant – Clementine Prendergast
Make-up – Annabel Callum
Hair – Selena Middleton

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