Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Colleen Green

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Colleen Green is a single guitar, a drum machine and a pair of oversized sunglasses, whose catchy, fuzzy tunes fuse Nineties surf rock with pop-punk… If California were a sound, it would be the sound of Colleen Green.

Time In The World is the first song to be taken from her latest album, Sock It To Me available from 19th March with HardlyArt.


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For this week’s Sunday Soundtrack we’re stealing time with Stealing Sheep, three very lovely Liverpool lasses (Emily, Rebecca and Lucy) whose shared love for three-part-harmonies, whiskey and an eclectic mix of experimental music genres first brought them together back in the summer of 2010. Their debut album Into the Diamond Sun was one of the most exciting new releases of last year that subsequently took them on numerous adventures touring around the UK and Europe. Twin spoke to the musical trio to discuss future plans, the Merseyside music scene and telepathic dinosaurs…


Your music has been described as everything from psych pagan folk to post-punk pop, but how would you describe your sound?

We’d say something like… dreamy, doom pop with hypnotic boomy beats, slinky pitch bendy guitars, voodoo folk harmonies, 60’s drone Synths and 16-bit fantasy style keyboards frilled with accidental percussions such as zithers, tuned cow bells and far away howls.

You’ve just finished supporting Villagers on their UK tour – how was that? Do you currently have plans for any other live shows coming up soon?

It was really nice – they are sound lads – very down to earth and into whiskey just like us! We went straight to Europe after that to join Alt-J (who we also toured with before Christmas) and that was well fun. It was great to see them again and watching them play was as great as ever! We’re looking forward to the festivals next and our dates supporting The Postal Service.

What ideas inspire your music?

We play a word game in the car. It goes like: Moon. Spoon. Lagoon. Lilly. Pond. Fish. Plate…etc. You sort of say whatever that word reminds you of and only get a split second to say it so it’s random and fresh. We write it down and put the words together to see what we can create. In Paris last weekend we created a Telepathic Dinosaur with a Death Mind. So that’s the start of a couple of new songs or a new illustration, animation, music video idea… anything! We also listen to loads of music on tour. We listen to anything from composers such as Gustav Holst (The Planets) and Vernon Elliott (Noggin the Nog and Clangers), to Alt-J or Ariel Pink. This really inspires a mixed bag of ideas.

You were one of the coolest new female bands of 2012 – who are you keeping your eye on for 2013?

Girl band wise we’d say Novella and Pins are looking pretty hot! 

You girls are all originally from Liverpool – tell us a bit about the music scene there?

…and we’re still here!  There’s a good healthy mix of old and new bands. They’re all pretty diverse and doing their own thing. There’s a really cool art collective called The Kazimier and they run a club and do loads of performing arts style nights which are really inspiring musically and visually. There is such a great crowd of amazing artists and musicians so it’s great to be here and be part of it!

Female solo artists seem to be dominating the music world as of late but there are still very few all female bands out there in comparison – why do you think that is? Is there an additional pressure on females trying to make it in the music industry?

Maybe fewer girls are interested in being in bands? We’re not sure really. We like working together but not necessarily because we’re all girls. We’re all into having three-part harmonies and naturally interested in similar things. Maybe with all girl bands you find a nice intuitive level between you because of how the female brain differs creatively… or does it? Music industry wise, there are different kinds of pressures for all bands depending on your genre and style. Whether you’re targeting audiences that are interested in the music or the style or the looks. It all depends what you are in it for, it’s how you perceive it. We don’t want to be pressured into anything: if we don’t want to do it, we won’t. So I guess it’s simple. It’s all to do with how strong-minded you are! 

What can we expect from Stealing Sheep in the near future?

We’re designing costumes, new music videos, writing new material and we’re touring a hell of a lot, so come an’ see us!

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Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Beatrice Eli

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It was back in May of last year when the Scandinavian siren, Beatrice Eli, first stole our hearts. Now with her latest single ‘It’s Over’ and a new EP due for a worldwide release later this month, we’re ready to fall in love all over again…


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Twin Sunday Soundtrack – Bat For Lashes

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As the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait. So when Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes returned at the end of last year with The Haunted Man — her highly anticipated follow-up from 2009’s acclaimed record Two Suns  we were more than excited.

Album number three is often referred to amongst artists as ‘that difficult third album’, however Khan injects hers with even more magic, escapism and mystery that we’ve all been left completely mesmerised. And it’s not just the music that captures a sense of surrealism. Earlier this week the rather weird yet wonderful video for new single Lilies was released, which features Khan amongst a cast of animated monster puppets. Need we say more?

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Twin Sunday Soundtrack: Deap Vally

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Californian duo Deap Vally provides that scuzzy, raw, rock-soul sound that we’ve been yearning for from an all female band for quite some time now. Lauren Laverne couldn’t have put it anymore perfectly when she tweeted earlier this week: “There has been a Jennifer-Herrema-shaped hole in my heart for years now – These ladies might just fill it.”

Their newly released single, Lies, is available to download from iTunes now.


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