Gentlewench Boutique Opening: A fusion of Elegance & Flamboyance

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On the East End of London, somewhere along Chance Street, Shoreditch this weekend launches a boutique which caters to the likes of a fashion lovers minimalist and maximalist tastes all in one store. Its name: Gentlewench, owned by Chinese personal stylist Wei Yue, is a collaborative effort which includes his expertise of international retail shopping and buying director Tijana Djordjevic’s mass experience in the fashion industry.  “It was important to find a memorable name, the meeting of a gentle educated and refined lady with the saucy, outgoing personality of the wench encapsulates the dual character of the store,” says Djordjevic. The boutique will carry a wealthly catalogue of global designers and under the radar designers which will include the likes of French label Lemaire, hybrid Japanese label Facetasm, Georgian designer Lado Bokuchava, and specialist brand founded by a former Comme des Garçons pattern cutter Hed Mayner and Overcoat. “ Our vision is to combine gentle subtle design alongside exuberant fashion and explore the affinities between the two,” says Djordevic. The store interior, created by Fred Rigby and Dunstan James of Projects & Design, offers an intimate luxurious experience while underscoring the industrial heritage of the area. A section of the space will also house a selection of home ware items including wooden kitchenware by Grain & Wood and ceramics by a Jude Jelfs. The store’s aim is to create an artistic space with hints of surprise in its design where consumer can explore, talk and relax. Doors open to the public this Sunday, be sure to stop by and have a look yourself.

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Tailored by No. 5

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Tailored by No. 5 is a recently launched, new salon in East London that offers a bespoke hair experience, completely tailored to you and your lifestyle. Twin sent Online Editor Mariella to visit the exclusive top-secret location to find out what the Tailored by No. 5 experience is all about.   

Walking into Tailored by No. 5 I was welcomed by the most adorable grey Shar Pei. Having my hair cut can evoke feelings of stress, however this little puppy had me at ease; the glass of prosecco that was waiting for me also helped. We sat down around a lone desk in a bright studio room filled with photography tomes and magazines for a very informal chat, talking everything but hair. Feeling extremely relaxed now, having uttered nothing of my last holiday – something I find myself preparing before my time in the chair – we turned our attention to my dishevelled mane. Talking previous cuts, washing techniques, styling products and personal taste, I was able to suggest ideas that I wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing up to a new stylist, like a short, edgy fringe for example. But walking me through the cutting process I knew I was in very capable hands.

The worst thing about leaving a salon is that sometimes you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. Worst still, you don’t feel like yourself. Leaving No. 5 I felt like an improved version of myself. My hair had even been styled the same way I would at home, so there was none of that rush-home-and-style-yourself business. The products, a paraben and sulphate-free brand called Unite left my hair soft, nourished and much shiner than it has been in previous months. I left feeling great, my hair looking new and improved, and with a head full of styling and cleansing tips and tricks tailored just for me.

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Goodhood’s New Flagship Store

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Goodhood opened in East London back in 2007 and have been growing as a brand and store space ever since. This September sees the launch of their biggest expansion yet, moving their flagship to a two-storey, 3000 sq feet store in the heart of Shoreditch. Co-founders Kyle Stewart and Jo Sindle have a ‘curational’ style of buying, rooted in design, quality and creativity, making the concept store, along with Goods by Goodhood (the store’s in-house collection of tees, tops, stickers, bags and homeware), the first name that comes to mind when you think luxury casualwear.

We caught up with both Kyle and Jo to find out what the big move means to them, what we can expect and of course, what the future holds for Goodhood…

When did you realise that you had outgrown the original store?
I think last Christmas. It was when our stock room started to expand, up the stairs, in to our office, in to our studio and on to our desks.

Apart from size and location, how will it differ from Coronet Street store?
All the new additions will be what makes this store different from our beloved Coronet street; the cafe, the kidswear collections, an expanded print section, an exhibition space, a dedicated cosmetic zone,  more from the brands you already love and some exciting new ones.

Did you work with a designer?
Nope. It’s all been done in-house by the Goodhood founders and team.

Was there any other London areas in mind for the new flagship? Or is it all about East London?
We would only ever consider being in East London as a home. However watch this space for future developments!

Tell us about the Goodhood Cafe. What tasty treats can we expect?
We’ve gone in to partnership with Brett Redman, owner and chef of Elliot’s, so will be providing some world class coffee, complimented by open sarnies, seasonal produce and an exclusive GH menu.

Goodhood has become a leader in terms of luxury casualwear. What do you look for when it comes to the designers and brands you stock?
We are interested in selling clothes, we’re not so interested in fashion or trends, obviously we do feel it, but we like to see garments that are rooted in culture, and the history of clothing, workwear etc.

Are there plans for stores in other locations? What’s next for Goodhood?
We will be working on expanding our own product range in the future. Our dream is to open stores in LA, Tokyo, and Ibiza.

The new store is located at 151 Curtain Road, EC2A 3QE and is open for business.

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