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Tailored by No. 5 is a recently launched, new salon in East London that offers a bespoke hair experience, completely tailored to you and your lifestyle. Twin sent Online Editor Mariella to visit the exclusive top-secret location to find out what the Tailored by No. 5 experience is all about.   

Walking into Tailored by No. 5 I was welcomed by the most adorable grey Shar Pei. Having my hair cut can evoke feelings of stress, however this little puppy had me at ease; the glass of prosecco that was waiting for me also helped. We sat down around a lone desk in a bright studio room filled with photography tomes and magazines for a very informal chat, talking everything but hair. Feeling extremely relaxed now, having uttered nothing of my last holiday – something I find myself preparing before my time in the chair – we turned our attention to my dishevelled mane. Talking previous cuts, washing techniques, styling products and personal taste, I was able to suggest ideas that I wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing up to a new stylist, like a short, edgy fringe for example. But walking me through the cutting process I knew I was in very capable hands.

The worst thing about leaving a salon is that sometimes you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. Worst still, you don’t feel like yourself. Leaving No. 5 I felt like an improved version of myself. My hair had even been styled the same way I would at home, so there was none of that rush-home-and-style-yourself business. The products, a paraben and sulphate-free brand called Unite left my hair soft, nourished and much shiner than it has been in previous months. I left feeling great, my hair looking new and improved, and with a head full of styling and cleansing tips and tricks tailored just for me.


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