Chanel Cruise 2020 – Chanel et La Voyage

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Yesterday afternoon Chanel presented their first resort collection following the death of their late creative director Karl Lagerfeld. The collection’s theme: Chanel et la Voyage , was an ode to the brand’s double legacies of Karl Lagerfeld and Gabrielle Chanel and their love of train stations.

The collection organized by Artistic Director Virginie Viard, carried a theme approved by Lagerfeld, presented in their routined spot in the Grand Palais. The space was transformed to resemble the train stations of vacation spots across the world including Rome, The French Riviera,  Bombay, among others.

This inspiration for railway travel was sparked by Gabrielle and Karl’s direct love for train stations. “On August 28, 1952, I arrived at the Gare du Nord in Paris. The city seemed to me to come straight out of the movies and books that had me so fascinated. I came here to spend two years in high school, but my stay in Paris was a little prolonged, ” remembered Lagerfeld. Ms. Chanel’s fondest of the stations stemmed from both as a meeting point for herself and lover Boy Chapel, as well as a source of inspiration, “You can find all the great works in the paperbacks at train stations,” she noted.

The collection featured Chanel’s signature tweed in skirt suits with ballerina slippers and jumpers, it also saw chiffons and lace dresses ,  jacket suits worn over leggings  and bat wing sweaters. The palette was a mix of bright reds, pinks and purples with tints of black, brown, grey and navy blues. Accessories were of course in abundance with waist bags, harnesses among others. View the full collection at Chanel.

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Prada Resort 2020 – A Seditious Simplicity

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Last night, Italian fashion house Prada presented their Resort 2020 collection at their Piano Factory headquarters in New York under the theme Seditious Simplicity. The backdrop for the collection was a set designed by British-Dutch architecture studio AMO who re-imagined the space into a series of gloss pink simplistic lounging areas.

This season creative director Miuccia Prada opted for a less playful theme, with a series of looks that offer clean and simple silhouettes, the collection was an ample contrast against the complexity of today’s  world. It featured overcoats, brass buttoned blazers, eased skirts, utility suitings, peasant blouses made in cotton poplins, faille, leather and suede. Although the designer’s motive was to portray simple, this did not restrict a colourful palette. Navy blues, multi-chromatic pinks, and pastels were abundant with the complements of pinstripes, checks and micro patterned florals. Accessories were also a key part of the collection, with Prada’s iconic bowling bag from the SS2000 collection making a comeback in various colours. Other accessories included colourful scarves crafted in paillettes and ear and neck jewellery made from baroque pearls. As Ms.Prada stated herself, “It’s simplicity as a protest against too much. I’m sensitive to the political situation; it affects me,” the woman presented in the collection was an appropriate character in the current age of everything being “too much.“

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Etre Cecile’s Resort Campaign Is Tres Cool

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To mark the drop of their Resort collection this week, Etre Cecile have released a series of tongue-in-cheek 15 second mini films, playing on the label’s French (or lack thereof) heritage. Featuring a number of the brand’s key faces – from Tallulah Harlech to Laura Bailey and Pandora Skykes – as well as bright young things brought in through street casting, it is a playful way to celebrate yet more of their cool girl clothes hitting the shelves.

Founded by Yasmin Sewell, Jemma Dyas and Kyle Robinson, Etre Cecile has fast become a staple for women seeking a little je ne sais quois on a daily basis, thanks to their witty T-shirts, riotous prints and general fashion tomfoolery. And here, Yasmin tells Twin a little about this latest project:

“We wanted to bring together our diverse mix of Cecile girls in this film series, the french language theme thing is just our ongoing joke that well….we’re not really french at all! We street cast most of the girls mixed in with some well known faces who have been amazing ambassadors since Day One. We’ve never wanted to take ourselves too seriously as Etre Cecile was created so we could have easy fashion pieces you can feel unpretentious…but impactful in. Just like all our girls…” – Yasmin Sewell

Watch Tallulah Harlech flex her French skills in one of the videos below, and check out this link to see more. The best news of all? All of these pieces are out just in time for Christmas, and have gone straight to the top of our wish lists.

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