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Trust Nike to make working out hip and fun. For their new collection, Made By Nike, they’ve enlisted quirky blogger/DJ extraordinaire and Twin friend Bip Ling, to talk about her love of boxing.

The project, worked on by Twin’s Creative Director Becky Smith, uses the Tumblr format in order to make shopping an easy click and buy experience. Meanwhile the pieces, a slick collection of purple hued, grey and black sportswear could easily make it into our everyday wardrobe for some added sports luxe.

Twin caught up with Bip to talk about her involvement…

How did Nike find out you were a fan of the brand?
Through my blog

You’re known for your fun style, what was it that appealed to you about the Nike Made For You collection?
I think every day is a stylie day, so when working out why not get into a stylie style.

Can you remember your first pair of Nikes?
My Indian grandmother Didas bought me Nikes when I first learnt how to walk. They were white with a blue Nike swish swoosh and with Velcro.

What are your top tunes to listen to while you work out?
I like to listen to Drum and Bass when I work out. It seems to give me lots of energy; it’s great fun to listen to when I punch the peanut ball in the gym and also for runs outside. Makes me feel like I am Sonic the Hedgehog.

1. Big Tings by Drumsound & Sion Bassline Smith feat. Skibadee
2. Dr Feels Good by Original Sin
3. Aztec by Spor
4. You’re Mine by Potential Badboy Deat. Yush
5. Feelings by Shy FX & T. Power
6. Big Bad & Heavy by Leviticus

What’s been your most fashion moment since starting your blog?
I’m not entirely aware of when a fashion moment occurs, but I do love living in the moment.

What would you do if the Internet disappeared for a day?
Learn how to sing.

Tell us another thing about yourself that nobody knows?
I really enjoy eating black pudding.

Last but not least, can you give us any boxing tips?
Punch with your core strength. 😉
Punch with a smile…
and style. 🙂 hahaaaa  lol.x


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