Love Before Intimacy

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For her first solo show, Love Before Intimacy, artist Lola Montes Schnabel has created an Arcadian landscape energised by the vibrancy and colour of passion.
Created over the past year, the five canvases on show at The Hole gallery in Manhattan share a unity of pallet and subject. Each painting depicts an episode in a narrative of androgynous youth encountering each other on a remote Greek island. Depicting a time of love before sexuality, nude youths make free in her heated teal and tan landscape.

Blending expressionism with figurative painting, it is Schnabel’s own heated application of paint that sets her scenes of romance and free love on fire.

Love Before Intimacy is at The Hole, 312 Bowery, New York until February 4th, 2012

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Hogan in the House

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To celebrate the launch of their new website, luxury footwear brand Hogan has invited cult photographer and blogger Todd Selby to record a day in the life of 17 inspiring creatives going about their day-to-day lives and of course in a pair of Hogan’s finest.

Among the 17 creatives stars featured in Future Roots are Twin favourite, illustrator Quentin Jones, artists Gaia Repossi and Lola Montes Schnabel and director Benn Northover. Each film is up to five minutes long, enough time to reveal each person and what they represent, while leaving the viewer with some seriously stimulating thoughts. Thank you Hogan.

Watch the films

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