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Last year, Anglo-Brazilian design duo Basso & Brooke embarked on an unusual research trip. The print obsessed pair set off along the great and ancient Silk Road in Uzbekistan. Along the way, they drew inspiration from the landscape, history and fabrics they encountered. Now, their silk route trail inspired collection is on show at the Design Museum.

With them for the ride was film-maker and regular Basso & Brooke collaborator Chloe de Carvalho who, as well as documenting the trip, made a 10 minute film full of folk-dancing, catwalk shows and ornate architecture that accompanies the exhibition.

Twin spoke to Chloe, who has collaborated with Basso & Brooke since 2003, about her enduring relationship with the duo – and the weird and wonderful sights of Uzbekistan.

What is it that you enjoy about working with Basso & Brooke?
Most of all because I love their work. I also love how when they call me up to invite me to work on something it’ll always be something completely unexpected and unpredictable: Uzbekistan?!

What was the most inspiring aspect of being in Uzbekistan?
The light in Uzbekistan is amazing. It’s this beautiful crisp, white light. And the country’s landscape is so vast it’s just asking to be shot with anamorphic lenses. It really inspired me to go back and shoot a fiction film there one day.

The other thing is the traditional dress sense: they do not shy away from prints and colours, actually, the more the better. And the layering is a brilliant: you can see a mixture of traditional Uzbek cloth with made-in-china prints with fluorescent detailing or velvety textures.

What was the most unexpected thing that happened while you were there?
Well, I gave an interview during the Uzbek fashion week only to realize by the last question that the journalist thought I was “Basso & Brooke”. That cracked us up quite a bit.

Oh, and I went down for breakfast on the first morning in Tashkent to find Luiz Felipe Scolari (ex-brazil football coach) and Rivaldo (football player) having breakfast. As a Brazilian, in Uzbekistan, I have to say that was pretty unexpected.

What’s up next?
There are a couple of different things I’ve been talking about with Basso and Brooke and I’m always looking forward to see what unexpected project will pop up next.

I’m also working on the script of my first feature film, a mystical road movie to be shot in Brazil.

Basso & Brooke – Adventures on the Silk Road is at The Design Museum until the 21st August.

Basso & Brooke’s research tour to Uzbekistan:

Image above and below: Basso & Brooke, Design Museum by Ashley Woodfield.

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