Divine Proportions

16.02.2017 | Blog , Twin Video | BY:

Twin meets one half of New York-based brand 1.61, to discover how to make the perfect pair of trousers.

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Twin Magazine Vanessa Axente

21.05.2015 | Blog , Twin Video | BY:

It’s time for a bed-in: barely-there slips in gingham, star and bouquet prints call for a lackadaisical style stance that’s best shown off in bed. Photographer Nick Dorey’s shoot featuring Vanessa Axente, filmed by Natalie Spitzer.

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First and Forever

09.02.2012 | Blog , Fashion , Twin Life | BY:

Do you remember your first pair of DMs? Twin”s Editor Becky Smith certainly does and still dons them now and then for an instant flash of Nineties nostalgia. For the second in their series of #firstandforever stories in collaboration with Dr. Marten”s, online magazine Le Cool, asked Becky to relive her first love – a pair of black DM boots.

Read Becky”s story here and reveal your #firstandforever tale .

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2011 Rewind: Part I

04.01.2012 | Blog , Thoughts , Twin Life | BY:

As one year passes to the next, Twin thought it time to pause and reflect. And who better to kick off our New Year rewind than Twin editor, Becky Smith…

So, 2011 was a mad mix. From the Kardashian’s, who spread throughout the globe like a new herpes type of disease, becoming the most googled thing in the UK, to the riots, which were basically extreme shopping. There was structured reality courtesy of TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Desperate Scousewives. WARNING – this can bring on early dementia and is to be avoided unless hungover. There was also 4D TV – total bollocks – and the Beckhams posing the big question, has Victoria finally worn us down into believing she is credible? Not to forget the Higgs Boson. Does anyone actually know what this is?

To sum up the best and worst of 2011, here are a few of my favorite Portmanteaus:
Après-olution: relaxation that follows the ritualistic but often quixotic making of New Years’ resolutions.

Occupy-movement: New mode of urban habitation which has replaced loft living. All the best people are now doing it, though most only stay a night or two.

Bunga bunga: Phrase associated, for largely unknown reasons, with Silvio Berlusconi’s sex parties. I think I get it though.

Lottoroticism: The arousal and satisfaction of excitement within or by oneself as one imagines what they would do if they hit the lottery. I think I feel this every year.

Planking: See here. The act of balancing yourself in a horizontal position on top of unlikely objects. There are strict rules for proper planking: the planker must be lying face down, completely still, with his or her hands by her sides – I can’t help but think of the economy right now.


And so, to 2012. The events I’m looking forward to are:
Becoming a Mumpreneur: A woman who combines running a business with looking after her children. Actually, this is a lie. I don’t have children or plan to.

Flying Cuddle Class: When two airline passengers buy an additional seat so that they can recline together.

And above all…

Mamil(s): A middle-aged man in Lycra


Mullet dress(es): A woman’s skirt cut short at the front but long at the back.

Here’s to the the New Year!
Becky Smith

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