Twin Issue XVIII

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As we make our way through 2018, Twin delves into the complexities of female camaraderie through a low-key lens, as we study the closeness of sisterhood, as compiled by Holly Hay. Samuel Bradley also turns focus on girls with bows, as archery takes centre stage when accessorised with the latest collections. In the States, we meet Arrow De Wilde — daughter of rock photographer Autumn de Wilde — and the band she fronts, Starcrawler. Shot by Molly Matalon, this explosive group are as likely to shred expectations as riffs, as they spit fake blood on crowds and remind us all what music can, and potentially should, be about. Elsewhere, we take the drama to the ice as photographers Stevie and Mada give us incredible portraits of figure skating stars past, present and future, in catwalk attire to suit. The unimaginable power of pregnancy is also given the respect it deserves, thanks to Jesse J Jenkins and Aurelia Donaldson, in ‘The First Thing I Stole Was Your Milk’, and the important, and ethical, work of designer Bethany Williams is explored in ‘Cycle Of Exchange’. Lastly, we raise the barre on couture through the refined images of Agnes Lloyd-Platt, and find out what happened with Okay Kaya (Wilkins) almost met PJ Harvey. Join us for the ride.



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Aurelia Donaldson Q&A

06.02.2014 | Fashion | BY:

Fashion stylist’s are not the enigmatic creatures they used to be. Social media has created the era of the celebrity stylist, yet there are still some who’s work comes first. Aurelia Donaldson is the Deputy Style Editor at The Telegraph Magazine, a self-confessed tomboy and an insider to look out for. Trinity Ellis photographs Donaldson in Notting Hill where she lives.

Was a career in fashion always on the cards for you?
My father is a photographer, one grandfather an artist and the other an art deco dealer, with the rest of my family also in creative industries so I grew up surrounded by a very creative family and knew from an early age that I didnt want a 9-5 job.

As a stylist, what do you like to use as references?
I use everything as a reference- movies, art, books, things I see everyday and people I am around.

You’ve created fashion films for The Telegraph and NOWNESS in the past, are you working on any at the moment?
I am working on a short film for a British brand at the moment and am in talks to do another series of films for the Telegraph Fashion site. In the past I have co-directed a short for Markus Lupfer, styled films for Louis Vuitton, and have worked on films for NOWNESS with Zebra Katz, Alice Dellal and Lily Donaldson.

How would you describe your personal style? Does this reflect your work?
My personal style is pretty relaxed, I’m a tomboy. My uniform is normally black jeans and cashmere jumpers- I often end up wearing black, navy and grey but shoes is a weak spot. Girly shoes, ugly shoes, sexy shoes. I’m sure my personal style reflects somewhere in my work- I always like a little bit of androgyny.

What photographers and stylists do you like to collaborate with? 
I shot a story in November with Perry Ogden (which is coming out in March) in the west of Ireland. I have always loved his photographs and I had this story in my mind for so long and he just got it straight away. Jeff Hahn is another photographer I like working with, his shoots always leave me excited to see the images. For me if I book a photographer, model, hairstylist, makeup artist etc its because I love their work so I want their opinion and the same for the rest of the team- it has to be a real collaboration to make it work.

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