Andreya Triana at The Lexington

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The music scene has been quietly abuzz with news of singer-songwriter Andreya Triana for some time now – her debut album was released in 2010 – but her sounds have yet to filter down to the masses. Collaborations with various prestigious artists including Bonobo (who produced said debut), Flying Lotus and Mr Scruff serve as true commendations in the music world, so, interest piqued, Twin  headed down to favourite venue The Lexington to see her showcase tracks from her new album, Giants.

A combination of velvety-smooth vocals, catchy lyrics and beats peppered with brass melodies made for mesmerising listening, complimented by her wonderfully friendly, down-to-earth stage presence. Unsurprisingly, the set was sold out.

Favourite tracks include Gold, which is written about the simple love of music, as well as Giants, not to mention A Town Called  Obsolete from her previous album.

Giants will be released on 4 May.


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Kate Boy @ The Lexington

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Last Thursday night Kate Boy transported us from The Lexington to a far-away musical land, one where we are all human, all equal, all at one.

The Stockholm based three-piece took to the stage, all wearing matching ensembles of white camouflage printed jackets with the hoods up and black caps peaking out from underneath, while we waited for those catchy electronic beats. Opening the show with their hit In Your Eyes, lead singer Kate Akhurst’s unique style and stage presence conducted the crowd, with everyone singing along. Her moves, sometimes robotic, yet sometimes fluid and eerie were mesmerising, and her voice, hypnotic, even stronger when performed live.

Together, Kate, Hampus Nordgren and Markus Dextegen performed in perfect synchrony, especially when they all came together for a drum crescendo, leading us to the crux of an unheard-before track. Their talent for building up a song and creating an otherworldy atmosphere is unlike any other. With a flawless production, the three of them made switching between instruments and playing heavily electronic melodies live look effortless.

Self Control, another unreleased experimental synth-pop number warned us to “Be yourself/Don’t let nobody else take control.” It was these inspiring lyrics and themes of strong self-belief that the crowd really responded to and by the time they performed their last track, The Way We Are, everyone was in a place of true elation – no static humans in the crowd, we all moved to the beat of Kate Boy’s electric drum.

Set to release new music soon, Kate Boy are worth listening out for.

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Double edged sound

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The aching, fatalistic sounds of musician George Lewis Jr. under the sobriquet Twin Shadow have been steadily engulfing L.A. But with an eagerly anticipated live appearance at London’s Lexington theatre tonight, Lewis’ mesmerizing odes to spirits present and passed are set to make a long-awaited first impression on transatlantic followers.

It’s not only Lewis’ liquescent voice that is the lure; spearheaded by standout track Slow, the album, Forget, is addictive. Crisp, mournful and mid-tempo ballads blur into ticking top online casinos guitar-heavy tracks, creating a debut work that feels almost scientific in its ratio of Eighties New Wave and Brit Pop. It”s a warming blend.

The title track’s crashing beat and distortion spirals with intensity, while the blissed-out scales that rise and fall throughout When We’re Dancing reach biting point with euphoric urgency in At My Heels. Above all, Twin Shadow’s freshness adds a necessary dose of springtime to your playlist. Call it a Twin thing.

Twin Shadow plays tonight at The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Road, London.
Forget by Twin Shadow at

Words by Julia Hobbs.

Images by Samantha West and Alex John Beck.

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