Talent Watch: Sophie Harris-Taylor

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Who: Sophie Harris-Taylor, 21, Londo
What: Photographer

On her work: “I use a documentary process to capture the lives of the people closest to me. I like looking at the mundane – moments of intimacy, vulnerability, boredom.”

Influences: “My friends – I love the intimacy I share with the people I photograph, every one of them inspires me to take more and more images.”

Inspiration: “Nan Goldin and the painter Gerhard Richter have definitely inspired me the most over the years. More recently I’ve been looking at the incredible work of Maarit Hotheri and Nigel Shaffran.”

Sophie’s favourite photographs: “I change my mind on a daily basis. At the moment I’m working on my first book – these are the first images I’ve chosen to start the book – I haven’t got bored of these yet!” (See above and below)

Not many people know: “I don’t actually know how to use cameras!”


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