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As an actress, Samantha Morton is known for her arresting performances and as a director, her video for minimalist rock duo The Kills, elicits the same intensity of emotion.

Shot in monochrome 35mm film in a cramped photo booth, the video for their song The Last Goodbye is an exploration of Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart’s ten year working relationship. Mosshart’s luminous beauty, often hidden behind huge hair and glasses is fully exposed, while her voice tilts beautifully at melancholy notes. While The Kills rarely enjoy the video making premise, the simplicity of Morton’s premise allows Mosshart and Hince’s friendship to be the star.

Watch the video here

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Morton makes moves

17.02.2010 | Blog , Culture | BY:

Few actors have consistently provoked like Samantha Morton. On-screen we’ve seen her skip town for Spain after her boyfriend’s sucide in ‘Morvern Callar’, get everyone talking as Sean Penn’s mute lover in ‘Sweet and Lowdown’ and even take on Marilyn Monroe in ‘Mister Lonely’.

Morton’s ability to mesmerise and disconcert is no less powerful in her 1997 debut ‘Under the Skin’. Here she plumbs promiscuity, masochism and rage as Iris – a young woman who tries to overcome her grief at the sudden loss of her mother through casual sex – pushing her relationship with her sister to the limits. The ICA are screening ‘Under the Skin’ this weekend. It’s well worth a revisit.

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