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For a one stop shop that will take you around the world, Okka Block has got you totally covered. Offering a range of homewears, accessories and fashion sourced from the very best artisans in Morocco and India, we caught up with its founder, the stylist Hope von Joel, to discover more…

Tell us about Okka Block…
Okka Block was started from my love and need for wanderlust. I’ve travelled extensively over the last few years, but these countries really inspired my love of textiles and tribal stuff – India, Guatemala and Morocco which is where I took much of my inspiration. The warm coloured streets, the food, smoke and smells, the beautiful traditional clothing and lifestyle and the vibe really stuck a cord with what I believe works in interior design and accessories. The bold combination of colours, the warm tones, the exotic plants and amazing hand made accents really make it exciting.

I first started buying stuff a year or so ago with the idea in mind of selling them back in London. I am working on the new website at the moment and mostly selling through our Instagram until it launches. Have a look it’s a colourful treat.

Where are the items sourced?
Items are sourced here, there and everywhere. I travel all the time and have an eye for beautiful things. Carpets and pillows sourced from the deep Atlas Mountains at 4am after a several hour drive into a local market surrounded by donkeys with my great friend Patrick. Beautifully adorned and jewelled traditional banjara skirts are from the ladies of northern India. Then there are the embroidered bags and tops from the ladies in the hills of Guatemala. The busy bustling markets of the nestled into tents adorned with treasures. Embroideries depicting flowers and multi-coloured pom-poms make my heart sing.

What do you love most about it?
I love that every piece is individually sourced by me for its individuality, uniqueness and quality. I have a story for nearly every item; each has been lovingly packed and transported back to London. Everything is then photographed individually and sold as seen.

Do you have any favourite products at the moment?
I’m totally in love with the rainbow stitched kantha blankets and the massive Moroccan rugs in the amazing colours with sequinned embroidery. The rugs are originally for marriages and are a real statement.

Do you think being a stylist has an impact on what you offer?
Definitely – I have a strong style and know exactly what I like in fashion, interiors and design. I just buy what I love.

Do you have any more exotic trips planned?
More trips for sure, to Mexico, Guatemala and Uzbekistan hopefully this year.

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