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The model has become a figure of fashion myth and legend, always perfect, always stylish and with an instinct for what to do, what to wear whilst doing it and whom to be seen doing it with; a kind of ‘cool compass’, if you will. Social media has lent their off-duty hours an aura of cool, a time when these chameleons are being their own beautiful selves, doing their own beautiful thing. They suddenly develop a personality, a style of their own, and become all the more enticing for it.

So when the international carousel of shows, shoots and castings stops for a brief instant and comes to rest in London, where does the model spend her time? In a new series, Twin, in collaboration with photographer Sophia Aerts, has hand-selected up-and-coming models and shot them at their most beloved place in the city, giving you an insight into their lives and loves.

Meet Avery Tharp of Next Model Management. A 22-year old hailing from California, Avery has a captivating blend of wide-eyed innocence and sultry pout. She has a youthful energy and determination, but nevertheless maintains a certain mindfulness that comes across in her work. Twin catches up with her after a four week stay in London.

On London

My favourite place in London is the walk from Borough Market, through Southwark Cathedral, along the river, past the Tate and over to St Paul’s. If I’m really in the mood I’ll walk all the way home [to Old Street]. I love being by the river – it’s so relaxing.

Walking enables me to be independent and I can go where I want to; you don’t often get to do things for yourself when you’re a model. Sometimes I just want to do what I want to do, and when I want to do it.

Another great place in London is Camellia’s Tea House, near Carnaby Street. It’s a tiny café, hidden away on the third floor, with a whole wall of teas. I love all kinds – chai, earl grey – and I’m going to take some with me when I go back home.

On style

I’m very relaxed when it comes to style. I like to think I dress in a way that is simple, easy and chic. The last thing I bought was this leather jacket from Neiman Marcus in New York. At the end of the day, it’s about looking nice but feeling comfortable, a balance between finding something you like and something that suits you.

I do have some staples though: I would never be able to give up my coat in winter, and in summer time I can’t live without my favourite pair of shorts, which are white cotton with blue stripes.


Hair & Make Up: Aga Dobosz

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