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Who are you? Without getting too metaphysical, chances are that the things that define you are your interests, your career, being creative and your relationship with your loved ones. The challenge for generations of women who have children is to assert their identity over the act of being a mother.

While undeniably motherhood grows into the spaces of your time that you previously thought were wholly filled, there”s a tension between being a mum and being an individual. Photographers Jenny Lewis and Tara Darby have sought to show just that in their exhibition More than just a Mum – a collection of portraits of 22 creative mums in London.

Spawned from Jenny Scott”s parenting collective Mothers Meeting, it”s a celebration of modern motherhood embodied by the slot machines likes of make up artist Alex Box, set designer Anna Burns, photographer Clare Shilland and stylist Thais Mendes. Tara says: “It is easy for mothers to lose their sense of self and we wanted to celebrate these women and modern motherhood.”

More than Just a Mum is at Exposure Gallery until Nov 6th.









Top Image: Anna

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