Let there be light

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“The future of art is light,” said Henri Matisse. These words are the starting point for Illuminations the inaugural exhibition of Coldharbour London. Here curator Aretha Campell explores the phenomenon of artificial light.

It’s a dazzling line-up. Lighting-cameraman turned installation artist Adam Barker Mill turns the gallery into a space devoid of light for one of his famous light experimentations.  Kirstie Macleod, whose work deals with issues of identity and the passage of time, showcases her large-scale textile work.  Sculptor Molly Smyth, whose art can be both minute and monstrous, references both urban landscapes and the human form.  While Luke Montgomery straddles the line between abstraction and realism.

Elsewhere, artist, architect and musician Lawrence Lek unveils Twins, a collaboration with industrial designer Onur Ozkaya which explores the boundaries between sculpture and architecture.  The result in Lek’s words is, “an enclosed world composed of both structure and light.” Matisse would no doubt approve.

Until 3rd July at Coldharbour London 30-34 Southwell Road, SE5 9PG

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