Twin Issue X

24.04.2014 | Blog , Twin Book | BY:

In our tenth edition Twin celebrates trailblazers. Head of the pack is Jane Bown the prominent portraitist, now 89, whose powerful imagery is celebrated in a new documentary. We travel to Barnard College to meet Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, the graphic designer, professor and artist who was the first female to receive tenure at Yale University. We also step into the wonderful world of Langley Fox, the youngest of the Hemingway pack who is fashion’s model-of-the-moment. Elsewhere, photographer Boo George shows strength in beauty shooting Kati Nescher in her most womanly guise. And finally, Ben Weller goes back to the classroom to capture this season’s preppy Dior.



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The Immaculate Collection

21.06.2012 | Blog , Twin Video | BY:

Far from demure, white-on-white is the straight up, statement hue of the season.

Photography: Ben Weller
Styling: Naomi Miller

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Great Deyn

03.10.2011 | Blog , Twin Video | BY:

Twin cover star Agyness Deyn considers the meaning of love, life and happiness. Directed by Ben Weller.

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The Wild Ones

19.05.2011 | Blog , Twin Video | BY:

See photographer Ben Weller get back to nature as he shoots the covetable Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren collection.

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Lets Get Lost

09.05.2010 | Blog , Twin Video | BY:

Go behind the scenes with photographer Ben Weller on his beautiful Nineties inspired fashion story.

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