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“Thinkers became earners, creatives became entertainers, and a whole dumbed-down generation now feels entitled to success and profit without having to work or think too much.”

The End of Success Culture.

This is the manifesto of London’s first Anti-Design Festival, an antidote to the slick, commercial face of the capital’s annual Design Festival. ADF is the brainchild of designer Neville Brody – the man behind The Face magazine – a celebrity in the industry, and as close as a graphic designer can get to being a household name. ADF is Brody’s stance against the commercialization of his craft, and the festival is an attempt to evaluate and redefine the direction of the industry.

Visit the world’s smallest cinema, debate the relationship between academic and professional life and discover what the art world could look like in 50 years time.  It’s all going on at Redchurch Street, E2 – which will be a hub of interdisciplinary activity for 10 days, across 10 venues. Join street artist Ben Eine, curator and academic Cecilia Wee and artist Sarah Maple in the battle against the spiritual hollowness that Brody feels has gripped our creative cultures. In their own words ADF will be, “at best an alternative to well-rehearsed design and at worst another hyped-up London show.” You decide.

The Anti-Design festival runs from the 18th – 26th September. The main venue is RADLAB @ Londonewcastle Project Space 28 Redchurch Street, E2. Go to for the full line-up.

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