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The German self-taught photographer and Twin favourite, Alexander Binder, is opening his first solo exhibition in Warsaw, Poland on Friday. It’s a new body of work called Das Innere with mystic photographs, which were taken during several journeys to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands in the last 3 years.

Das Innere has an ambiguous meaning in German and is used to describe the inside of a building or a physical object – but also the inner life of a human being, his thinking, his emotions, his hopes, nightmares and fears. Alexander portrays this in his exhibition through pictorial photographs from smoking volcanoes and magmatic eruptions which gives the viewer a very lively impression of the destructive power from the inner of the earth. On the other hand the images come directly from the inner of our soul and express anxiety and loneliness.

Alexander creates mystical and ethereal photos, which are characterized by a strong passion for the spiritual and the surreal.
Alexander’s photos have been exhibited internationally (Germany, France, UK, Poland, US, Canada, Northern Ireland, Italy, Netherlands). And his images were published in VICE, SLEEK, TUSH, TWIN, GUP, Fotografia, Süddeutsche Magazin and many more. His books and zines are held in the collections of the National Art Library, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Salford Zine Library, Indie Photobook Library and the Médiathèque André-Malraux de Strasbourg.

Das Innere is on display at Lookout Gallery in Warsaw from August 30 until September 24.



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