Gianoi: The Future of Fashion & Technology

14.08.2015 | Culture , Fashion | BY:

Many brands have attempted to fuse fashion with technology, almost always resulting in clumpy items that feel redundant. However, when we were introduced to the recently launched handbag label, Gianoi, we knew we had something truly different on our hands.

Design duo Enrico and Raffaele Caroli, have taken their respective skills – one in design and one in technology – and created a line of luxury bags that fit into our modern lives in a way no other accessory has to date. The main feature not only allows us to charge our phones, a struggle of contemporary life, but by using the Gianoi app, the bag acts as one big notification center, alerting us when we have an email, phone call and even an Instagram comment, like or message. Each bag features a gold-plated logo which discreetly lights up and gently pulsates to keep you connected in a chic and colourful way. Through the app you are able to allocate different shades for every social media channel, making it effortless to use and understand.

The current collection is available to pre-order now, however, Twin was lucky enough to road test one of their prototypes for a week. Not only did the elegant design and flawless finish complement each outfit daily, but the lifestyle element became something we found hard to part with. Being able to charge our phones on the go was a commodity we became very accustomed to. We were able to fully charge our phones twice before the bag itself ran out of juice. To keep the bag functionality, we simply placed the bag on a thin, flat branded unit that magnetically attached to the bottom and charges wirelessly, making the whole process seamless. Having a bag that told us when we had an incoming phone call or email, made keeping up with modern life that much easier. We’d even go as far to say our Nadia (pictured above), aided our productivity that week.

When speaking to Raffaele Caroli, the former Design Director for Jean Paul Gaultier, he stated “Our offering is very unique because we have combined fashion and technology, creating high quality beautiful accessories that are also functional without compromising on the aesthetics. We are different from wearable technology companies because we have been focusing on designing pieces that women want to wear and use and look good with, rather than an item that just serves a technology purpose.”

The word Gianoi itself, as well as the logo, was inspired by Janus, the ancient Roman God of transitions, referenced in history with two faces – looking to the past and the future. The designers “believe that in the future wearable technology will become part of our every day lives, integrated into almost every aspect of the way we live.” Gianoi is just the beginning.



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