Protein Journal: Having So Much Fun At The Beach

12.08.2015 | Culture | BY:

Protein Journal has been known for its observations of consumer culture since 1997; its global daily inspiration feed, monthly events, printed quarterly Journal and regular Insight Reports have since become authoritative platforms for the promotion of the people and topics driving cultural revolution in today’s society.

Its most recent publication is the Age Report, which challenges our understanding of ‘age appropriate’ and re-examines age-based stereotypes. The film Having So Much Fun At The Beach forms part of this portfolio, exploring the effect of the Internet on the new youth generation.

Award-winning filmmaker Lucy Luscombe speaks to nine young girls and boys, ranging from pre-teen to young adult, about their experiences of social media. They tell of bizarre scenarios, from a ‘catfish’ (when someone creates a false identity using Facebook, Instagram and so on, particularly with a view to pursuing a deceptive romance) to online revenge between two friends. Perhaps the most poignant conclusion is uttered by the youngest interviewee: ‘I feel like, when you’re on the beach, you should take a picture and the caption should be, “Having so much fun at the beach,” […] even if it’s not fun.”

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