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French sweetheart, actress and musician, Stephanie Sokolinski makes emotionally charged and soul searching songs her way. With her debut album I Thought I Was An Alien out now, Twin asked SoKo, to name the nine songs that are important to her…

1/ The Wire: Outdoor Miner
My favourite punk song. It gives me motivation when I”m down. It makes me want to make music!

2/ Youth Lagoon: Afternoon
Afternoon song. I”ve listened to this album so much since it got out. Instant crush kind of music that makes me feel peaceful that makes me travel.

3/ PJ Harvey: The Last English Rose
Favourite track off her new album. I”ve listened to that song on repeat so much! It makes me wanna dance and shout in a mic and wake up in a good mood !

4/ The Shivers: Beauty
So much beauty. The song I wish I wrote. The song I wish someone wrote for me. The feelings I wish someone would have for me.

5/ Talking Heads: Road to Nowhere
My favourite morning song. A smile on my face all day is almost guaranteed if I wake up with Talking Heads!

 6/ Kings of Convenience: Winning the Battle, Losing the War
These harmonies…these words…breaks my heart.

7/ My Morning Jacket: Hopefully
“Hopefully it occurs to me that there”s one thing I cant stand. That”s the thought of a single day, without your head in my hand.” Perfect lyrics, perfect love song. My Morning Jacket”s always touch my heart.

8/ Kurt Vile: My Sympathy
Kurt Vile is the one artist I”ve listened to the most this year. I can never get sick of his amazing finger picking…voice.. melodies…lyrics…

9/ Cass McCombs: Full Moon or Infinity
Cass McCombs is the one person I wish I could do music with. This song is the most comforting song I can think of listening to.

Listen to Soko”s playlist

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