Twin Playlist X Saint Lou Lou

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The mesmerising Saint Lou Lou sisters feature in Twin VII out now. We asked them to oblige us with their favourite tracks…

1/ Lover You Should’ve Come Over – Jeff Buckley
If the words melancholy, despair and yearning were a song this would be it.

2/ Song To The Siren – This Mortal Coil
A marvellous version of Tim Buckley’s song. We fell for it after hearing it in a beautiful and absurd love making scene in  Lynch’s Lost Highway.

3/ Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush
We’ve been captivated by this song’s power and movement since childhood. It feels like  a soundtrack to one of those adventurous but anxious dreams you had  when you were little.

4/ That’s Us/Wild Combination – Arthur Russell
Arthur Russell had an extraordinary voice, songs and character. Enough said really.

5/Calmino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix) – Antena
Great tune to help us get us in the mood, makes us feel glamourous in everyday life. Todd Terje is an amazing producer.

6/ Bonny – Prefab Sprout
Hidden gem. One of those songs you hear and can’t get out of your head. Why isn’t this song considered more of a classic?

7/ More Than This – Roxy Music
Well…this is considered a classic. Rightfully! It makes you want to be in love.

8/ Winter Rose (Nicolas Jaar Remix) – The Bees
There’s something special that Nicolas Jaar does to music…this is a good example.

9/ Love With Fun – Riz Ortolani
Soundtrack to the horror movie Cannibal Holocaust. One of the most beautiful pieces of music we’ve heard.

10/ I Wear Your Ring – Cocteau Twins
This song is the climax of ethereal pop. The layers. The flow. The quirkiness. Just acing it.

Listen to St Lou Lou”s playlist


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