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Just days after Hurricane Sandy and New Yorkers are bravely picking up the pieces following the long dark days that emptied the streets and threatened the very fabric of the city. Who better for Twin”s next playlist than Lissy Trullie, a girl who is New York style through and through. We asked the musician for share some of her favourite tracks…

1/ Koudlam by Sunny Day
This is my wake up song to greet a new day. Although Koudlam was born on the Ivory Coast, and I, on the East Coast, and he is male and I am female, and he speaks French and I speak French badly, I’d like to think we are related. He happens to be a fellow art historian/musician which could be proof of our blood relation… Anyways, this song slays me.

2/ Before My Voice Fails by Gang Gang Dance
Many people tell me that my music sounds very  “New York”, but in my opinion this song and this band encompass the infinitely evolving and mutating pockets of unorthodoxy constantly churning out new ideas that give New York its singularity. In my imagination the lyric “Before my voice fails…” means I have to produce and create as much as possible until my body literally give out.

3/ Everything by Micachu & the Shapes
I chose this track by Micachu & the Shapes because I’m absolutely obsessed with EVERYTHING this band does. My introduction to Micachu was through the album Jewellery, which warped my head into shapes unknown. This song is off of their following album Chopped & Screwed, again the music astonished and amazed me. Their new album, Never, will be out at the end of July. I expect to be headless for the rest of my life as they will most definitely continue to blow my mind.

4/ Sulk by Trust
I saw Trust play live without knowing anything about their music and it was so intoxicating I went to see them two more times within one week. When making this playlist I knew I wanted to include their music but having to pick just one track has been an agonizing process. I feel like I’m betraying the rest of the album… But a playlist is a game of favorites, so I had no choice. But please, listen to the entire album, Candy Walls.

5/ The Clarke Sisters by The Go-Betweens
I am still searching for the Clarke sisters. I have so much I want to share with them. I have so much I need to ask them. But I bet if I ever do find these sisters they would probably just ignore me.

6/ Vienna by Ultravox
I’m a sucker for a good ballad but this goes above and beyond. Minimoog, Yamaha SS30, and a Roland CR-78 drum machine. Nuff said.

7/ Believer by John Maus
If you search songs on iTunes using the word “believer” over 100 pages show up, 12 songs to a page, but out of all that mutter John Maus is the voice of my preacher. I love this track, it’s the water that washes away my grit and grime. (Btw, I honestly don’t know exactly how many pages of believer songs there are, it seemed endless. I stopped scrolling at 102 out of boredom.)

8/ Magic Dance by David Bowie
“Slime and snails, or puppy dog tails, thunder or lightning, something frightening…” David Bowie singing with bunch of wily muppets? Epic bass synth, gnarly tricked out guitar solo, and a dash of Bauhaus? (…Perhaps Bowie was inspired by his prior  outstanding cinematic masterpiece, The Hunger.) Whats not to love?!

9/ After Laughter (Comes Tears) by Wendy Rene
I wish I could have grown up to be just like Wendy Rene. After Laughter should be a mandatory part of adolescent life everywhere. Rene co-wrote this song with Johnnie Frierson when she was in her early teens. Her voice is a true validation of pain, and not just adolescent pain, but pain of all ages.

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