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Cold New Yorkers keep warm with the tropical sounds of Jubilee. The Miami native moved to New York ten years ago and once worked as a make-up artist, keeping ladies like Lauryn Hill and the Penthouse Pets looking immaculately fierce. Present-day DJ/producer, Jubilee now pursues music full-time and can make the stiffest of bodies turn out a little sweat and bounce.

I first met the cool Brooklyn resident on a wintry Tuesday in January while sitting in East Village Radio’s very small, mirrored studio. Jess played an exclusive set for Chillin’ Island and I tried to be discreet about my dance as I slowly sipped on an apple cider from Juicy Lucy. Her music is hot.

She is also co-hosting Radio Lily’s new Mixpak show with Dubbel Dutch and Dre Skull every Tuesday and if you know Miss Lily’s —the notorious dance-while-you-dine restaurant located in downtown NY — expect to receive one big party via their internet broadcast.

In the meantime, Jubilee will keep you going with her New York Fashion Week Playlist and top tips for the city that never sleeps. Your sultry, mini getaway awaits.

“I kept this one pretty girly and sexy. It”s a list of things I would play to dance to, want to hear right now on the runway and listen to while getting ready to go out. Also includes some great talent from New York.” 

1/ Cassie All Gold Everything Remix f Trina and Lola Monroe
2/ Salva x Brenmar- Let me Bang 
3/ Brooke Candy – Everybody Does 
4/ Boody & Le1f- Soda
5/ Ciara -Goodies (Kingdom Remix) 
6/ Pearson Sound vs. Rod Lee- Working With Refix 
7/ Tifa-Champion Bubbler 
8/ Theophilus London Ft Rihanna – Jump (Club Cheval Remix) 
9/ Jubilee-Overtown 
10/ Dubbel Dutch – Self Help Riddim 
11/ GIRL UNIT- Ensemble
12/ Wavy Spice- Bitch I”m Posh 
13/ Gita- Let That 

Listen to Jubilee”s playlist .

IRL  — A list of Jubilee’s top 5 people, places, and things
Designer of all things, unbelievable, and the most fun and good-looking girl I know.
Obsessed with Miss Lily”s restaurant as well as their radio station. I just started hosting a show on there every Tuesday with Mixpak Records.
I swear by Naomi. My nails are always on point thanks to her.
I have been going to this place since I moved to Brooklyn. Definitely a favorite. Great drinks and weird tapas twist on Japanese food.
You might need to learn Spanish to use this car service but it is totally worth it.

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