TWIN PICKS: NEW AGE B2B – Stonehenge to Jungle

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Ever wondered what a party flyer from a 1973 Stonehenge free festival looks like? Or a design promoting a 1980 illegal warehouse party? NEW AGE B2B – Stonehenge to Jungle scratches that itch.  A compendium of flyers and collectibles from subculture archivist Toby Mott charts the origin of hedonistic rebellion and utopia.

The comprehensive collection by the London-based artist traverses the Stonehenge and Free Festivals, through to 1980s illegal warehouse parties and acid house, sound system and dub clashes, rave, and finally jungle. With art and design direction by Jamie Reid, former art director of Dazed and Confused magazine, party flyers from the 1970s to 2000 are sourced and curated from the Mott Collection. Known for his work with the Grey Organisation – an artist’s collective that was active in the 1980s – and for his fashion brand Toby PiImlico, Mott went on to establish an archive of British popular culture from punk to rave.

575 entries of flyers and other collectables showcase the visions of masters like Pez and Junior Tomlin – the Salvador Dalí of Rave – charting youth rebellions for a generation. Alongside the artwork, the book features interviews with the trailblazing designers alongside documentary photographer Alan Lodge, record producer Chris Peckings, DJ and Spiral Tribe member Ixyndamix among many more. 

Moving beyond the music, Mott offers an insightful look back on British party culture that digs into its roots. Bringing together reggae, rave and sound system culture, the collection charts the often overlooked impact of the Black British community on rave music. 

ICA | Book Launch: New Age B2B – Stonehenge to Jungle.
New Age B2B – Stonehenge to Jungle is published by Corina Manu, Cultural Traffic and Dashwood Books.

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