Twin meets: Ninni Nummela

18.11.2022 | Blog | BY:

Ninni Nummela is a professional make-up artist known for her editorial work and plethora of celebrity clients. She has a keen eye for touching simplicity, focusing on the enhancement of natural beauty. Emma Clarke caught up with Nummella to talk with her about a recent project using Chanel Noir Allure – Chanel’s latest innovative mascara.

What were your main influences/inspirations for the look created with Liz Collins, using Chanel Noir Allure? We wanted to create a story with beautiful moments on a late summer’s day, where an effortless beauty look with naturally radiant skin brings focus to the Chanel Noir Allure mascara. Lived in mascara, like she’s been wearing it all day; swimming, running, lounging. Nothing too perfect. 

What about Chanel’s style is synonymous with your creative outlook?
I love the understated elegance of Chanel. The simplicity and beauty. It’s very much synonymous with my work and how I approach beauty. 

Chanel Noir Allure’s design is indicative of simplicity. What is your definition of both and how is that reflected in your work?
To me Chanel makeup is iconic; the design, colours and compacts all reflect a true elegance. The Chanel Noir Allure mascara is the epitome of Chanel; sleek, beautiful and easy to use.

My work is very much less is more. I always strive to enhance the individual beauty of the person I’m working with by enhancing elements and never applying too much.

How do you negotiate the balance between an iconic beauty brand and innovation?
I always try to innovate and create looks that will inspire, while always reflecting the essence of the iconic Chanel brand.

What do you envision the future of beauty and style to be?
I envision individuality will play a big role, in both beauty and style. Self-expression and inclusivity. 

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