Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye

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V1 GALLERy in Denmark presents a group exhibition with work responding to the legacy of World War II and Nazis, but the aim is to create an exhibition that highlights the increasing perils of the far right in contemporary Europe – such as the Golden Dawn in Greece, Svoboda in the Ukraine and the Jobbik party in Hungary.

Mel Brooks, the American writer, director and actor, has spent much of his career parodying Hitler and German national socialists, and his aim was to bring Hitler and the Nazi’s down with ridicule and laughter.
In 1945, he responded to the Nazi’s propaganda broadcasts by setting up speakers and singing Jewish musical theatre performer Al Jolsonʼs song ʻToot Toot Tootsie Goodbyeʼ on repeat to the Germans.

By placing together work that veers from the satirical to the deeply disturbing, the aim with the exhibition is to create a real effect in the viewer. Hitting them with horror and the unacceptable at moments when humour has lowered their barriers.

And Twin’s art editor, Francesca Gavin, is the curator of the exhibition. She is also the curator of the Soho House Collection and has curated shows internationally that include The Dark Cube at the Palais de Tokyo 2012, and The New Psychedelica at MU Eindhoeven 20.

The exhibtion is on display at V1 Gallery from September 13 until October 14.

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