The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry

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On 6 November, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne unveiled a new creative concept that saw Burberry take over the windows, façade and atrium of the iconic Parisian department store, Printemps. Burberry did something undeniably brilliant by pairing Kate and Cara together for a host of ad campaigns, but this latest venture is enchanting all by itself.

‘The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry’ is the story of a little boy and his teddy bear, as they make the journey from the flagship Burberry store on Regent Street to the Printemps store in the heart of Paris. The eleven windows feature a cast of handmade puppets – the little boy, his teddy and Printemps’ exclusive Bubsy characters – wearing items from the Burberry limited edition Printemps collection.

Ten beautifully executed scenes allow you to follow the little boy as he flies over the English countryside, crossing the Channel on an upturned Burberry umbrella. He and his bear help the Busby puppets sort Christmas gifts before alighting on the roof of the Printemps store and forming a Christmas Choir, and finally, settling at the Christmas table surrounded by Burberry gifts and evening wear.

Social media, too, is being leveraged to make this an extra-special display. Using smartphones, visitors are able to interact with the individual scenes and control their own vantage points, create their bespoke journey and send images from the built-in cameras within the windows directly to their phones. The beautifully festive scene can instantly be turned into a digital postcard, which can then be shared across social media. And for those who aren’t able to visit Paris, the journey can be seen on Burberry’s streams on Twitter and Facebook.

Festivity aside, the display marks the launch of the exclusive Burberry collection of limited edition pieces which have been designed for Printemps, including ready-to-wear, trench coats, accessories, special gifts and collector’s items which all feature in the window displays, as well as Burberry Beauty gifts and the My Burberry fragrance and make up box sets.

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