The F Word

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This spring isn’t for cleaning. Granta have launched their new issue and it’s all about women wielding pens, not dusters. For The F Word, the magazine has enlisted a posse of female writers to share their thoughts and imaginations on the nature of feminism now and way back when.

From Rachel Cusk on divorce to A.S Byatt on academia in the Sixties and Seventies, it’s clear that while there have been some almighty leaps, there remain some distinct bounds. Jeanette Winterson holds a mirror up to contemporary romance, while Clarisse d’Arcimoles’s photo essay Un-Possible Retour is a lemon-sweet study of girlhood from adult-memory. With stories emerging from Ghana to Great Britain The F Word is alive with love, sex and house-hold chores, but in a post-feminist world the role of women is far from clean-cut.

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