The Anatomy Of Fashion

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Phaidon are set to release another great fashion publication, written by renowned fashion commentator Colin McDowell. The Anatomy of Fashion: Why We Dress the Way We Do, is an interesting investigation, mapping the history of clothes from prehistoric times to today. From 18th Century bumpads to Alexander McQueen’s bumsters, McDowell looks at how pieces of clothing from every period has influenced the way we dress today.

McDowell also reveals intriguing facts throughout the book, such that Ancient Greek women were the first to wear bras and he also discovers the reason why shoes weren’t made with different shapes for right and left until the 1860s. With hundreds of photography, illustrations, paintings and film stills, you’ll find work by designers and artists such as Yves Saint Laurent and Jan van Eyck, Michelangelo and Coco Chanel. The Anatomy of Fashion is a lavish publication, looking at anthropological, sociological and historical perspectives on why we dress the way we do.

“The Anatomy of Fashion is such an innovative and intelligent way to narrate and explore fashion. Colin McDowell’s mind has the clarity to do this to perfection.” -Manolo Blahnik

The Anatomy of Fashion: Why We Dress the Way We Do will be published in September 2013, but you can pre-order now at


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