The Fractured and the Feline

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The Fractured and the Feline is a new exhibition opening at The Vinyl Factory today. It showcases the work of multi-media artist Quentin Jones in collaboration with innovative spatial designer Robert Storey, both of whom are previous Twin contributors. The show itself proves to be Jones’ most comprehensive and varied to date, as it delves into her work on paper, in sculpture, film and photography. Storey creates a unique world for her pieces to be displayed, giving us intriguing spaces to explore.

We caught up with the artist to find out what to expect.

Tell us about a little about the showcase…
Lots of the exhibition is work that may have been seen somewhere in some form, but in its layered up, painted on, collaged natural form. Its a chance for me to show people my process, that is surprisingly art-based and hand made. One of the main focuses of the show will be a series of large scale works that no one has seen before… because I am still working on them. I am playing with the idea of blowing up my collages 10-fold and working back into the image at a level of detail I usually wouldn’t be able to – and having the fluidity of paint at that scale.

Oh and one of the coolest parts of the show will be the film rooms – Robert Storey who is designing the whole space for the show has come up with a really cool way to warp and reflect the films multiple times. His whole vision for transfroming the space is amazing and so cool for us to be collaborating in a more physical way than usual.

How would you personally describe your style of work?
Messy, montaged, quick, accidental, planned and exploring contrasts.

You’ve worked with Robert Story in the past, was he an obvious collaborator?
Yes he was the only person I wanted to work with in this space. He has a very architectural approach to design and his minimal structures are perfect for my chaos to to sit within. We both like things to be graphic and strong rather than subtle and ‘pretty’ and both have an outlook that straddles fine art and fashion.

What was it like working with Robert on this particular show?
So far very simple – we have worked out what we both want to show and how it can exist together. But the real fun will be in the installation weeks, when we will make many of the decisions for the show. We like to work quite spontaneously.

The Fractured and the Feline: Quentin Jones with Robert Storey is presented by The Vinyl Factory at their space in The Brewer Street Car Park, London from 19 November to 13 December 2014.

Image 1: Quentin Jones, Adult Series, 2014, acrylic, ink and collage, first published in Adult Magazine. Image 2: Quentin Jones, 2013, photography, acrylic and ink, first published in Flair Magazine. Image 3: Quentin Jones, Self Portrait series, 2014, photography, acrylic and ink, first published in  i-D Magazine

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