Danny Fox Paintings at the Cock n Bull Gallery

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Danny Fox is a poet, musician and model, but predominantly a painter. He was introduced to the Cock n Bull Gallery by artist Sue Webster, who met Fox in her local watering hole. A year later he convinced Webster to visit his North London studio to take a look at his work and she had this to say: “There was simply no more room to breathe and I felt a duty to exhume these unfamiliar masterpieces before the painter suffocated and died – another undiscovered artist suffocated by the toxicity of his own genius.”

Raised in Cornwall, Fox moved to London to carve out a career in the art world having no formal training (unless you count the still life painting his grandma made him do). It is his experiences that he chronicles on giant canvases. His time spent in pubs filled with strippers or even encounters with ladyboys in Bangkok, giving us a glimpse not into his life as such, more a look at his unique interpratations of those unconventional moments.

Danny Fox Paintings will open at the Cock n Bull Gallery, 32 Rivington Street London EC2A 3LX from 17th October – 8th November. 


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