Table Of Contents

13.01.2014 | Art | BY:

Siobhan Davies’s collaboration with the ICA, Table Of Contents, is now open until 19 January 2014. Set out to reflect on the concept of archiving dance itself, the project uses Davies own history as a choreographer and dancer as a starting point. Having worked closely with five dance artists Andrea Buckley, Helka Kaski, Rachel Krische, Charlie Morrissey and Matthias Sperling, Table Of Contents looks to find answers in the way this artform creates a lasting memory, or, if indeed it can. The new body of work comes in the form of a kind of live encounter or exchange, celebrating dance as a unique and interesting way to see the world.

“You always have to push yourself beyond the image others have of you and your work otherwise you are always in the past.” Siobhan Davies, 1982

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