100 BPM

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Renowned British artist Patrick Thomas returns to the UK for the first time since 2008 to showcase a collection of silkscreened bold heart diagrams in his latest exhibition titled 100 BPM. Just in the nick of time for the Feast of Saint Valentine, Thomas’ show approaches the romantic hallmark holiday through the use of free-form screenprinting and collage, a technique, which the graphic artist has been honing for the past 18 months in trending European cities Berlin and Barcelona.

Currently on display at Stoke Newington’s Hang-Up Gallery until 16th March, the graphic artist’s show consists mostly of fresh new work and limited edition pieces, with a small number of perforated prints that mimic arrow shots alongside further pieces that feature arrows installed into the walls of the gallery. Titling his first solo-exhibition after an accelerated heartbeat and the number of beats per minute of someone who is ‘in love’, the exhibition also includes prevailing and clichéd slogans such as ‘I Love My Baby’, ‘True Love’ and ‘LUV U 24/7’.

Having showcased his work on an international scale, from Florida’s Salvador Dali Museum to Tokyo’s Ginza Graphic Gallery, Thomas has released over 150 editions of work and is also featured in Studio laVista’s publications Black & White and Protest Stencil Toolkit.

100 BPM is by far one of Thomas’ strongest pieces of work and takes us on an amourous and lively graphic journey that is bound to make your heart flutter.


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