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It seems that Louis Slater, founder of British skate label, Sex Skateboards, has combined his two loves. You name it and Slater has sexed it up, offering not only skateboards but tees, hoodies and artwork (in the form of defaced high end fashion ads and style magazines) all featuring his sex logo. Here, we spend five minutes delving behind the decks.

When did Sex Skateboards start?
March 2015.

How did it come about?
I spray painted the sex logo on a T-shirt and thought it looked cool as fuck.


What’s your favourite mag that you’ve defaced?
I don’t have one, Vice used to be good. I’ll paint on owt, I like very expensive adverts that cost the company loads of money, I get a kick out of that.

You sell hoodies and tees as well as skateboards. Do you plan to extend the range?
Yep the new range is in the pipeline and will hit good shops soon. Loads of new shit, you’re gonna have to wait and see, it’s all kicked it up a gear.

Where can we buy?
Right now the website, and soon to be announced select retailers worldwide.

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