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Garages, junk fields, abandoned quarter-pipes and dirty mattresses are the photographic heartland of Germany-based photographer Sergej Vutuc’s work. Since the mid-Nineties he has made the skateboard and punk community his home – and with it, its DIY landscape. His black and white shots are less about urban edge than an amorphous playground.

Vutuc’s latest show, Something In-between at Gallerie Michael Janssen in Berlin features a series of monochrome photographs hand printed on Baryt paper. Like the dilapidated buildings and rough terrain of his mis-en-scene, Vutuc scratches and scrapes at his image, engaging with his work in the same way as a skateboarder does with his environment.

“I don’t give any description to my images,” he says. “I leave them to speak for themselves. It’s not about where I shoot them or subject,  it’s more like a collection of fragments – moments and building stories… The mouth can never say, what eyes can see…“ Vutuc’s camera is a view from inside the subculture.

SERGEJ VUTUC: Something in between is at Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin until July 30.

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