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There’s a love hate thing when it comes to logos. While there’s undeniably something intoxicating about the prestige of owning a little bit of a label, from the Prada triangle to the LV monogram – or more recently we’ve been lusting after Kenzo’s bold tiger T-shirts – it’s an uneasy relationship that threatens to encroach on our feelings of individuality. How do you settle a love of luxe with a sense of rebellion within a mass media, mass market world? It’s something Phoebe Philo acknowledged so well when she took over the helm of Celine – delivering iconic items without the overt iconography. Stealth wealth became ubiquitous.

So, step in Selfridges who are reintroducing their Silence Room – an idea first dreamed up in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge. as well as creating in-store oases for customers, a number of recognisable brands will be removing their logos in an exclusive collection of de-branded products. The unmistakeable Selfridges’ shopping bag, will even be going naked – albeit without losing their canary yellow hue. Enjoy the silence.

No Noise will roll-out to Selfridges’ stores starting January 11th.

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