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We love ourselves a well-curated Tumblr and the account that has been on our bookmarks list as of late is putyourpawsup.  Twin spoke to its founder Franny Zywicki about her obsession with cats and summer days in the sun…


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was brought up between Switzerland and Spain, but also had a lot of friends in London. My parents were worried about me because I hung out with our cat Chloe (Bengal tiger) more than them and was obsessed with America.

I am a hip hop dancer and did it professionally in my gap year before I went to Leeds University. I toured with Raghav as a backing dancer over Pakistan. That was odd. I love music. There is music for every mood.

I’m addicted to shopping — if I’m in a funk it’s the only thing that can make me happy. I love J.Brand, Chloe, Brian Lichtenberg, Alexander Wang, DVF, and Acne. All I want/need at the moment is Charlotte Olympia Kitty Slippers.

My three main loves are music, fashion and travel. I have been to over 30 countries, but my favourite cities are Rio, Los Angeles and Madrid.

What was the idea behind your Tumblr name and concept, and when did you start it?

I have always been obsessed with cats. I frequented a lot of festivals and when someone was lost you would say “put your hands up so I can see you”, but I changed it to paws because I saw everyone as cool cats. Then it just became a thing.

I was always obsessed with images and was annoying people on my Facebook by uploading them constantly. So I started putyourpawsup in March 2010 — and I am addicted.

What is it about photography that you find so inspiring?

The vibe of the blog is more about what I wanted to look at and what reminded me of my past, but also what I wanted to be doing in the future. It aims to re-ignite and inspire beautiful memories. When I blog, it’s normally somehow related to what is going on in my life at the moment.

How would you explain the popular appeal of Tumblr?

Especially with image-based blogs, it comes with the ability to post pictures in so many places. People can post pictures and send pictures so much more freely. It’s easier and more exciting to talk via pictures.

A picture sparks more endorphins in the brain. It’s more visually appealing and says more than a paragraph. And Tumblr is the ideal database for amazing pictures. An easy go-to.

What are the Tumblrs, photographers and image makers that you admire the most?

I love deathofcool and katesworld, which is run by a photographer and friend of mine. Gypsyone is raw, dirty and sexy. Wastedguns features ridiculously hot women — although I’m not gay, I think the female form is unbelievably sexy.The Benjamins is real and sensual.

In terms of photographers, I love Scott Caan, Patrick Hoeleck and Terry Richardson. I follow the worlds best ever and The Cobra Snake.

What is your favourite quote and image of all time?

“Laughter is an instant vacation” by Milton Kerle. It’s tattooed on my rib. I think its beautiful.

A favourite image is so hard. I’ve picked one, but tomorrow it will probably be different. It’s very simple, but my favourite thing to do is hang on the beach with all my friends just after the hottest part of the day, snuggle and listen to music. The song for this scene is No Angels by Bastille. 




















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