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For the first issue of Twin artist Harry Malt created paper designer handbags that were as covetable as the real thing (see below). But what he really does best is draw. Not scared of letting his imagination run riot, his illustrations are as sharp as his pencil.

Malt’s new show at the Print Picture Gallery in Dalston is a monument to time wasting and the parochial details of life. It’s about the trash, graffiti and subterranean characters that one might observe, say, while waiting for a bus. As ever, it’s not the destination but the journey that really counts, and Malt is an expert escapologist from reality. His work stems from a desire to always be somewhere else – be it by jet-plane, ferry or a clapped out old bus. Be sure to join him for the ride.

*Until That Day I Love You Anyway:***/* */**Tales from the bus stop. A monument to discovery, romance, ambition or lack of all three is at the Print House Gallery, from the 10th February – 7th March 2011.

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